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Top 10 Best Stud Finders for 2017


Whether you want to hang family portraits, put up a piece of expensive artwork or hang any type of decorations in your home, you need to use a stud finder. Specifically designed to locate the studs hidden deep inside your walls, one of these small electronic devices will also come in handy when doing home improvement and renovation projects. There are lots of features that you can look for, but you should start with a look at some of the best models. The top 10 best stud finders for 2017 will help you with all types of jobs around the house.

1. CH Hanson 03040 Magnetic Stud Finder


Small enough for slipping in your pocket while working around the house, this magnetic stud finder from CH Hanson features level in the center that you can use on a horizontal or vertical angle. It features built-in grips on the sides that help you keep your hands on the stud finder and prevent your hands from slipping off. As it uses magnets, you can actually put the stud finder right on the wall and use it to find studs while keeping your hands free.

2. Zircon e50-FFP Stud Sensor e50 Edge-Finding Electronic Stud Finder


Suitable for the tracking of studs made from both metal and wood, this Zircon stud finder can locate studs up to ¾ of an inch deep. If you turn it to the deep scan mode, it can scan more than an inch inside the walls and show you the exact location of those studs. This stud finder has an LCD screen on the front and a warning system that alerts you to the presence of live wires inside the walls.

3. ProSensor 710 Franklin Sensors ProSensor 710 Precision Stud Finder Yellow


The ProSensor stud finder is one of the only ones capable of scanning multiple areas of your home and more than one spot or wall at the same time. A built-in LED light shows you the exact location of any studs that it finds, and it can also alert you to the presence of studs hidden deep inside the walls. This model uses a deep scanning mode that you do not need to turn on to see deeper inside and can identify more than one stud at the same time.

4. Zircon 68314 MultiScanner i520 Center-Finding Stud Finder


Whether you need to locate live electrical wires or studs inside your walls, you can use this Zircon stud finder to find both. It can locate studs up to 1.5-inches inside the wall and monitors for both wood and metal studs. You can also use the stud finder to locate the presence of live electrical wires. The LCD screen on the front of the stud finder gives you all the information that you need, and a switch beneath the screen lets you change its scan settings.

5. Black & Decker SF100 Wood Stud Finder


Two lights on the front of this wood stud finder from Black & Decker makes it easier to use. One light comes on to let you know when you can use it, and a second light comes on as soon as it finds a stud. It features curved sides that help it fit comfortably in your hand, and the stud finder runs on just two standard AA batteries.

6. Zircon SS 70 StudSensor Center-Finding Stud Finder


With the deep scanning mode found on this Zircon stud finder, you can now locate studs up to 1.5-inches inside the wall, including studs made from both wood and metal. It comes with a pointing system that allows the finder to locate those studs faster and an audio alert system that sends out a loud noise once it finds one. The stud finder also comes with an erasable wall marker too.

7. Studpop Magnetic Stud Finder


This Studpop Magnetic Stud Finder does not use batteries and can work on a wide variety of wall materials, including plaster, sheetrock and even tile. It features a simple pop up design that includes a small button on one end. When you place it against the wall and it finds a stud, this button will pop up instantly. You can reuse it time and time again on all your projects too.

8. Bosch GMS120 Digital Multi-Scanner


The Digital Multi-Scanner from Bosch is one of the few stud finders that can search for and identify more than just studs. It can also search for live wires hidden deep inside the walls and metal objects that might keep paintings and pictures from hanging on those walls. The three setting modes let you select the type of object you want to look for with a touch of a button, and it can even search inside concrete.

9. SSI77-050 Advanced Stud Sensor


With a compact and simple design, this stud finder from Stanley will fit comfortably in your hand during long-term searches. A green light on the front comes on when the stud finder has power, and a red light comes on when it locates a stud. Capable of finding both metal studs and wood studs, this Stanley stud finder measures just 5.6-inches tall and can fit inside the palm of your hand.

10. Dr. Meter Fi-1 Backlight Stud Metal AC Wire Scanner Wall Stud Finder


The ergonomic design of this Dr. Meter stud finder makes it suitable for even the largest of projects because you’ll never feel any discomfort or tension in your hands. It features an LCD screen with a backlit design that helps you see that screen more clearly, and its audio function releases a beeping noise to help you find the location and placement of studs. The stud finder will also detect live wiring and metal objects.

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