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Top 10 Best Beauty and the Beast Toys for 2017


The recently released movie depicting the classic fairytale, “Beauty and the Beast,” has captured the hearts of both children and adults who can’t help but fall in love with Belle’s kindhearted nature. This year, some of the most popularly requested toys are based upon this romantic tale, and any kid will be delighted to discover that they get to reenact the story with action figures and play sets. To help you find the right toy for your “Beauty and the Beast” fan, check out this list of the top 10 best toys for 2017.

1. LEGO Disney Princess Belle’s Enchanted Castle Building Kit


This 374-piece Lego kit allows kids to build their own two-story pink and purple castle that has a ballroom, balcony room and dining room. Once the castle is built, kids will love adding the finishing touches such as a chandelier and classic magic mirror. The kit also comes with a Belle doll and a Beast one that transforms into a Prince so that kits can act out their favorite scenes.

2. Disney Beauty & The Beast Live Action Enchanted Tea Set Play Set


Kids will love sitting down to a cup of pretend tea with this set that includes the lovable housekeeper Mrs. Potts who was turned into a teacup and Chip, her son. With each pour, Mrs. Potts’ eyes blink, which makes Beast’s most faithful friends come to life. Chip even wobbles on his saucer, and the kid in your life will love sparking up a conversation about their favorite story as you indulge in the fantasy together.

3. Disney Beauty and The Beast Live Action Baby Belle Doll


Every child loves snuggling with a cuddly toy, and no detail was left out on this Baby Belle Doll. From her soft, flowing brown hair to her large, innocent eyes, everything about this doll highlights all that your child loves about Belle. For the adult fans, the Baby Belle doll comes in a collectible box with a rose rattle and glittery yellow gown that makes this a perfect gift for fans of all ages.

4. Disney Store Belle 12″ Classic Doll With Chip


Belle truly is a beauty to behold in her sparkling satin yellow gown with ruched details and silvery glitter. To top it off, her luxurious brown hair is styled in a half-up, half-down hairdo that is true to her character. Her posable head, legs and arms allows children to play with her, and you can’t help but adore the way she holds her dear friend Chip in her delicate hand.

5. Disney Princess Belle Musical Tea Party Cart


With this adorable yellow and pink Disney tea cart, Belle’s magical tea party comes to life right in your favorite child’s room. All it takes is a gentle push on the top of the cart to send the characters spinning in a whimsical dance as the song, “Be Our Guest,” signals that it is time for tea. It also comes with an invitation so that your little princess can invite their friends to their very first tea party.

6. Disney Store Beauty And the Beast Figure Play Set


True to the Disney brand, this six-figure play set is rich with bold colors and details that make each figurine feel like a real life character from your child’s favorite story. It is also made from PVC, which makes it durable enough to last through years of play sessions. Belle, Beast, Phillipe, Lumiere, Gastone and Cogsworth are all featured in this set along with Mrs. Potts, Chip and Sultan so that no character is left out during your child’s story retell.

7. Disney Beauty and the Beast Grand Romance Doll Set


The elegance of this Beauty and Beast doll set is sure to attract the fans of all ages, and each of these characters is formed with exquisite detail. Beast’s silk blue suit with lace cuffs brings out his beastly charm while Belle’s lovely golden gown and red rose emphasizes her beauty. With moving arms that reach for each other, this pair brings to life the classic romance story that has enthralled children for years.

8. Princess Belle Deluxe Yellow Party Dress Costume


Whether the child in your life is having a Beauty and the Beast themed birthday or they love to dress up for their tea parties, this complete set has everything they need to be the Belle of the ball. The adorable yellow gown is decorated with glittery gold designs, and it fits sizes up to a child’s 9. The set also comes with gloves, a wand, and a crown bejeweled with red rhinestones so that no detail is left out.

9. Beauty and the Beast Cosmetic Set with Water Based Nail Polish


Treat your little princess to this cosmetic set that gives them everything they need to put together a polished look for their dress up party. The set comes with a Beauty and the Beast themed brush, nail file, compact mirror, colorful nail polish and flavored lip gloss. Parents will love the carrying case that helps kids keep it all together.

10. Disney Princess Belle Pastry Kitchen


Your little chef-in-training will love having a Beauty and the Beast kitchen set of their very own where they can bake and serve a pretend feast to their family and friends. Features such as knobs that click when they are turned and oven doors that open and shut add a sense of realism to your child’s pretend play. There is even a see-through pastry display case where your child can show off their perfectly baked fantasy treats.

For “Beauty and the Beast” fans, there are tons of fun toys to keep the fantasy alive. Whether your child loves dolls or dressing up, they will love having a toy from this top 10 list.

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