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Top 10 Best Lego Sets of 2017


Enthusiasm for building with LEGOs starts early and sometimes never fades. Fortunately, there’s an extensive range of LEGO building sets, from simple to complex, for builders of all ages. Some are inspired by favorite fictional worlds and others by real-world buildings. Below you’ll read about some popular sets that inspire imagination, encourage attention to detail, and even in some cases provide their builders with sets they can proudly display. The younger LEGO fans will enjoy the sets with fewer pieces and more play figures, while older LEGO fans will enjoy the more complex sets with intricate levels of detailing.

1.  LEGO City Fire Truck


LEGO fans five and up will likely enjoy the LEGO City Fire Truck 60002. With 208 pieces, children on the younger end of the age range might need some adult or older sibling help to build this classic little fire truck. The truck is equipped with an extendable ladder and a retractable fire hose, as well as a hatch where the two firefighter mini-figures can keep their equipment stored when they’re not busy fighting fires.

2. LEGO Star Wars Death Star


Star Wars fans 12 and up will be challenged to build the LEGO Star Wars Death Star (10188). This is a large and complex set with fine detailing. Different mini-figure scenes can be played out from Episodes IV and VI on its multiple levels, which include the control room, the Emperor’s throne room, and even the famous trash compactor. The hangar bay and tractor beam control are a few of its other authentic details.

3. LEGO Architecture Seattle Space Needle


710eVdeea6L._SL1500_LEGO’s Architecture series highlights building structures from the real world. Builders 10 and up can put together the LEGO Architecture Seattle Space Needle (21003), an 8.7 inch gray brick replica of the real-life landmark. It comes with a booklet describing the building’s actual construction and history. When finished, this piece makes a unique display item.

4. LEGO Architecture White House


81fb8LZxKZL._SL1500_-2Also from the Architecture series comes the LEGO Architecture White House (21006), a 560 piece set that allows for the creation of a lovely replica of the executive mansion. The building is assembles on a base. When finished, it’s nine inches wide. The pieces are rather small, but customers say it can be assembled fairly easily. Once again, it comes with a booklet filled with historical facts about this well-known architectural landmark, making it a nice gift for a history loving adult or child 10 and up.

5. LEGO City Fire Station


91xeaZi6cnL._SL1500_-2A larger and a little more complex set than the Fire Truck is the LEGO City Fire Station 60004. Recommended for builders six and up, this busy fire station comes with a fire van, truck, and helicopter, as well as five mini-figures who can drive, pilot, and fight fires. This looks like playset that will be fun to build and inspire plenty of imaginative games. It has 752 pieces which includes many pieces of firefighting equipment and even a fire station dog.

6. LEGO City Fire Emergency


A nice addition to the firefighting ensemble is LEGO City Fire Emergency 60003, a set for builders aged 5-12. In addition to a nicely designed fire truck with rotating ladder and retractable hose, you’ll discover a house for the firefighters to save from the flames. The house measures over 5 inches, and the set comes with three firefighter mini-figures.

7. LEGO Creator Pet Shop


If you know any LEGO fans who are also animal enthusiasts, take a look at the LEGO Creator Pet Shop 10218. This large and complex set includes a pet shop nestled in a city block with a kitchenette and a townhouse. The detailing on this more than 2,000 piece set is lovely, right down to the plastic flower boxes in the windows. The set comes with four mini-figures, including the pet shop owner.

8. LEGO City Police High Speed Chase


Firefighters aren’t the only heroes to feature in LEGO sets, as the LEGO City Police High Speed Chase 60007 shows. This smaller and slightly simpler set has 283 pieces that builders five and up will put together to make three vehicles: a police car, a sports car, and a police motorcycle. It also has three mini-figures, one of whom is a police officer sporting a pair of handcuffs. A traffic cone and police barrier are some of the other play pieces that come with this fun set.

9. LEGO Tower Bridge


The LEGO Tower Bridge 10214 is a truly beautiful set of the famous Tower Bridge in London. Recommended for older builders age 16 and up, this 4,295 piece set has intricate details that make it enjoyable to build and nice to display. Two towers and a working drawbridge give this set an air of distinction, and it also includes four London vehicles, one of which is an iconic London double-decker bus.

10. LEGO Ninja Turtles Kraang Lab Escape


Ninja Turtle fans will have a blast with the LEGO Ninja Turtles Kraang Lab Escape 79100 set. Recommended for children 6 and up, this set of 90 pieces builds a laser prison shield and three mini-figure characters, including Michelangelo and the Kraang, so kids can imagine some exciting Ninja Turtle action. The Kraang’s mechanical walker measures a little over two inches high. Michelangelo can escape laser prison when you work the explosive function on the cage.

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