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Top 10 Best Gifts for Intellectuals 2018


Before you can find the best gift for the intellectual in your life, you need to determine which type of brainiac you’re shopping for. Do you have a bookworm who’d love a reading journal or literature-inspired teas? Perhaps you’re picking out presents for an engineer who’d prefer a brain-twisting puzzle or chemistry-themed cooking wares. You might even have a music nerd to satisfy. Whatever flavor of intellectual you need to find a gift for, don’t worry. With this list of 10 amazing gifts for intellectuals, all your bases are covered.

1. Hidden Passage: Handmade & Organic 3D Brain Teaser Wooden Puzzle for Adults

Put your intellectual friend’s brain power to the test with this intricate handmade puzzle box. Once the puzzle is solved, your friend can store small items inside the hidden internal space. Only those with the brains to crack the puzzle can access the secret cache. Every puzzle is made by hand using fair trade, organic wood, yet Siam-Mandalay keeps manages to keep its gifts affordable. Your friend will love this puzzle and the story behind it.

2. Qiyun Magnetic Pen Capacitor

This puzzle pen combines functionality and fun. It’s a ballpoint pen hidden inside a metal toy. Seven of the 10 metal chambers can be rearranged into sculptures and abstract designs, so your loved one can keep fingers distracted while the brain is churning away solving the mysteries of the universe. The three remaining chambers hold refillable ink cartridges. As a bonus, the pen can also be used as a stylus for touchscreens.

3. CHengQiSM Round Jigsaw Puzzles

The striking rainbow colors of this jigsaw puzzle make it a delight to look at. Your friend can hodgepodge the finished product and hang it up or disassemble the pieces so the puzzle can be solved over and over. Each of the 1,000 pieces is made from recycled cardboard and designed to fully interlock. If your loved one gets stuck, they can look at the back of the pieces, which are printed with separate letters for each section to minimize frustration.

4. The Intellectual Devotional: Modern Culture

In this year-long daily devotional, intellectuals can learn a little more about the world with 365 day one-page readings. From science to history to literature, all the important fields of modern culture are covered in pithy pieces that take only a few minutes to absorb but will leave readers thinking long after they finish the page. It’s a great bedside or coffee table book that your loved one will enjoy reading day after day.

5. Classical Music Shirt

Does your intellectual friend or family member drive you crazy with classical music? This shirt is designed for the loved ones who insists on listening to piano music when it’s their turn to control the radio. You can choose from three sizes (men’s, women’s and youth) and four colors for the perfect gift. The shirt features the sharp marker for notes and an explanation that the symbol is not a hashtag. Pianists, singers and strings players will all love it.

6. What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions Book

What’s the most popular webcomic amongst intellectuals? You’d be hard-pressed to argue it’s anything other than the long-running xkcd, which Randall Munroe’s thoughts on science, technology and logic into memorable and hilarious quotes. With this book, Munroe turns his prodigious intellect to tackling serious questions like how long humanity could survive the ascendancy of Skynet. This is a great gift for engineers and researchers, but geeks of all stripes will enjoy it.

7. Atomic Age Table Desk Lamp

Are you looking for a practical gift for intellectuals? Move over puzzles, it’s time for this sleek lamp that brings together nerd culture with a functional lamp for a table or desk. Dark brown metal show the paths of electrons circling the lightbulb nucleus, creating an instantly recognizable symbol for science lovers and “Big Bang Theory” fans alike. The lamp is battery-powered, so it can rest on an out-of-the way desk without needing an outlet. Just be sure to order two AA batteries to go with this present. The light is dim enough it won’t hurt sensitive eyes but might not be a good choice for illuminating high-detail work.

8. Periodic Table Rectangle Bamboo Cutting Board

Bring a sense of humor to the kitchen of your loved one with this very punny cutting board. The laser-engraved periodic table will appeal to science-minded recipients, but it’s the tagline of “I cook meals periodically” that brings this gift to the next level. You can apply wood stain to darken the color if you want to add a homemade touch or leave it a light wood and gift it straight of the box.

9. Novel Teas — 25 Teabags with Literary Quotes

Many of the gifts on this list are for science nerds, but the world needs book geeks, too. This gift bag of 25 teas features high-quality English Breakfast tea from the Ceylon Tea Company plus unique quotes about the value of literature. It makes a great gift for the intellectual who has everything and wants consumable presents rather than items. It’s also great for librarians, book nerds and anyone else who loves curling up with a good book and a warm cup of tea.

10. Reading Journal: For Books Lovers

Intellectuals will love carefully tracking their reading habits with this high-quality reading journal. Your recipient can document every book they’ve read in detail. They’ll also be inspired by the reflective pages scattered throughout the book inviting users to journal about their favorite books and literary quotes.

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