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Top 10 Best Gifts for Introverts 2018


It’s estimated that at least one in every three people you know is an introvert. While there are some static preconceptions that go with the title, being an introvert isn’t a bad thing. In fact, 30 percent of all the best friends, life partners, co-workers and colleagues, and even romantic interests would attest to the fact that it’s one of the wondrous variations that go with being human. New understanding of this way of being reveals that there are many variations because people are complex. So how does one shop for an introverted person near and dear to them? Below, we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 best gifts for introverts in 2018, which is sure to inspire.

1. The Quiet Rise of Introverts

Much of Western society is geared towards extroverted individuals and modes of existence. Read that loud and proud. But all that exuberance, the bubbling and shimmying of a fundamentally outgoing culture can leave even the most socially-minded introvert exhausted. Brenda Knowles provides a sensible appraisal and framework for those bruised by modernity. In the pages of this book, she offers readers methods to care for themselves on a daily basis, different approaches to recharge and reflect on the events of a fast-paced life, strategies to engage and embrace others while embracing positive conflict, and channels through which readers can reconnect with their deepest needs and highest priorities.

2. Coffee and Boundaries

If you know someone who can’t effectively interface with others without their coffee, this mug is a perfect gift. Whether they’re introverted or just sarcastic, the 11-ounce white ceramic mug will appeal to their need to avoid interaction with its bold statement—“It’s way too people outside.” The cup is both dishwasher and microwave safe, making it ideal for both continuous daily reaffirmation of social aversion and maintaining adequate levels of caffeination.

3. Narrative and Dream, United

This beautiful coloring book is produced by the creator of Introvert, Dear—the largest community of sympathetic and like-minded individuals. While it’s designed for adults, the book and the enchanting story are suitable for all ages. Join a girl and her cat as they pursue a quest to a particular sort of star with the power to grant wishes. Like the protagonist, the readers may often long for quiet, for peace, and ultimately for a unique fulfillment that isn’t meant to be trumpeted far and wide.

4. Audrey Hepburn Wall Art

Sometimes the perfect gift speaks for itself. Show the introvert in your life that you get it—being alone with nature. The self, and perhaps a pet or two can often be the most beautiful time of day. This stylishly modern wall art uses a quote from the delicate and fierce introvert, Audrey Hepburn, a lady known for her grace, insight, and strength.

5. The Thriving Introvert

Western culture can often send the message to young introverts that they are somehow broken, that their natures are unsuitable for success or fulfillment, and that the way they are is simply negative. Thibaut Meurisse guides readers through a process that sets the record straight. No, introversion is not brokenness or undesirable, and individuals do have much to offer their communities. The text will also offer helpful hints on how the reader can redesign their professional and personal life to align with their needs in a deeply authentic way.

6. The Introvert Activity Book

Too many people assume that because introverted individuals don’t spout their ambitions, creativity, and intelligent thoughts aloud that they don’t exist. Others may assume that such people have no need or desire to express themselves. Marci Wilson offers an outlet to express, elaborate, and explore through this interactive activity book. It’s fun for all ages and can make just the right gift to show you care.

7. Insight and the Gifts of Introversion

Beth L. Buelow provides a sensitive and intensely introspective perspective on the gifts offered by an introverted life. Because people can apply labels to introverts that are deeply unkind in addition to being wrong, many people who are not extroverted can internalize a negative perspective of how they are. They are not necessarily antisocial, but being called so repetitively can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Instead, Beulow explores the strength and insight that comes with a quieter way of being.

8. A Space All Their Own

Expression, like many other human behaviors, is often a subtle affair for introverts and requires a certain degree of discretion. This gorgeous faux leather journal is refillable, has lined pages, and a stout, metal-weighted cord for keeping the cover secure. The cover is embossed with a beautiful tree and bird on the wing. Of equal charm is the page marker weighted with a metal pendant crafted to resemble an ancient coin.

9. Mindful Creation

Mindful Mandala Cards brings the perfect gift for a friend who treasures meditation and service to others. Each in the set of 12 unique note cards is emblazoned with a different mandala that the sender may decorate as they choose before mailing it into the world. Plus, a percentage of each purchase is dedicated to mental health and wellness programs, which offers added appeal.

10. Indoor Zen Garden

Zen Buddhist monks are well known for their unique gardening practice. The act of arranging and tending a simple arrangement of stones in sand brings peace and allows the mind of the gardener to focus on that which truly matters. Offer that peace to your friends or family with this handmade indoor zen garden from Paintspiration.

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