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Top 10 Best Gifts for Music Lovers 2018


For those with a music lover in their lives, knowing just what gift will touch a special note in their heart can be a challenge. As a paraphrase of a famous Beethoven quote, “Music is the bridge between body and soul, a language all its own that forges a special dynamic between humans.” Whether it’s a beloved teacher, a peer, or someone close, reaffirming that bond with a delightful gift is a must. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 gifts for music lovers in 2018. It provides the perfect assortment from which to select a gift that will delight the musically inclined. From apparel to items that speak volumes, there’s something for everyone.

1. A Notable Scarf from Purple Jewelry Box

This generous scarf is ideal for any music lover. Measuring 60 inches long and 13 inches wide, the wearer feels pampered and sophisticated. No matter what the venue, such as a night at the opera, a fun and festive choir performance, or running errands, it compliments every outfit with just the right note of glamor. Made of 100 percent polyester, the scarf comes in seven colors, is finished to a silken smoothness, and printed in a gorgeous musical theme.

2. A Warmer Sound from the Vintage Coaster Outlet

In every musical group of friends, there’s at least one who will claim that their favorite tunes just sound better on vinyl. Why not bring that assertion home by providing them with these fun vintage coasters. Each set of four is designed to look like an authentic record, printed with album and production information. They can set their cool drinks on Side A and never have to worry about water rings again. As a fun and lighthearted gift that still shows care, these are ideal.

3. Dad’s Guitar Pick by O. RIYA

Those who grew up listening to their dads making music will want to consider this cool guitar pick. Emblazoned with a tender and appropriately pun-based message, this stainless steel pick is sure to stand the test of time. Whether he uses it for practice and performance or keeps it close as a reminder of how impressive his kids are, every dad will cherish this beautiful gift.

4. WOGOD’s Musical File Folder

Whoever said that excellent gifts can’t be both practical and sentimental? WOGOD puts that idea firmly away with their stylish and pragmatic document folder. The polypropylene folder is non-toxic and printed with both a treble clef and piano keys. It’s ideal for storing important documents, like certificates and official records. But it also works well to keep sheet music for any instrument safe and organized.

5. Spontuneous, the Lyrical Game

If family entertainment is essential, this game will please any music lover. Rated for ages eight and up, it allows everyone the chance to have fun with song. Players race to guess a song based on a single-word clue. It could be any song or an array of them, depending upon the word offered. In a friendly competition, each person must outwit the other players with fun or difficult clues until one player reaches the end of the game.

6. Musical Charm Bangle from Infinity Collection

Charm bracelets have long been an excellent way to declare affection. As a gift, they offer the wearer multiple styles and options to display pastimes and passionate pursuits. This musical charm bracelet is ideal for both bearer and giver, with individual music-themed charms and an adjustable metal bangle that will grow with the years. Delivered in a special jewelry pouch, this bracelet is a sweet gift for any musical young lady.

7. Song Writing Journal by Insignia

This colorful journal is perfect for that unique songwriter and musician. It includes 100 pages, with ruled space for writing, recording thoughts, and composing lyrics on the left side. But it has a secret surprise, too. On the right side, the paper is printed for scores with staff lines. The bearer of this journal can record, compose, create, and imagine on the go without the need for carrying multiple books or folios.

8. Paper Products Designs’ Stoneware Mug

Whether it’s coffee, tea or hot cocoa, what music lover won’t adore drinking a warm beverage from their musical mug? The sturdy shape of this vessel means it won’t tip over and spill. It’s printed with musical scores on the outside and a special message for the bearer along the inner rim. The porcelain mug keeps beverages hot, is chip-resistant and microwave safe, and holds 13.5 ounces of liquid. It also comes in its very own beautiful gift box printed with musical scores and a treble clef upon each face.

9. The Perfect Canvas Tote from Magical Musical Supplies

Any musician knows that a good bag is hard to find. Whether running to practice, managing instruments and scores on the go or preparing for a performance, this canvas bag is perfect for practicing musicians. The fully gusseted sides ensure a spacious place for instruments, cases, sheet music, and extra instrument paraphernalia and the shoulder straps are firmly sewn into reinforced panels. But it serves as an ideal on-the-go bag for any music lover. The black canvas is tastefully emblazoned with gracefully swirling musical notes and a treble clef in white.

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10. Musical Bottle Opener by Stone Cask

For the responsible and mature music lover, this makes a fun and thoughtful gift. The musical note bottle opener is crafted from stainless steel and opens beer bottles in seconds. It’s a small way that anyone can say they care about a musician’s passion or take note of a friend’s love for all things musical.