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Top 10 Best Baby Diapers 2017


When families are about to welcome their newest little members, diapers are some of the first items that they think about acquiring. In fact, a diaper service subscription or a large supply of diapers are common baby shower gifts. Parents who do not receive these thoughtful and necessary gifts often perform cost to benefit analyses to decide what type of diapers are right for their children and their household budgets. Here are 10 best baby diapers on the market for parents who are responsible for keeping their little ones clean and comfortable.

1. Pampers Swaddlers Diapers

Baby Diapers

Pampers Swaddlers disposable diapers fit infants and babies that weigh up to 27 pounds. The Pampers brand is a trusted one for both households and hospitals. The Swaddlers model is notably the softest diaper in the Pampers line, and they feature a color code that indicates wetness within the diaper padding. While most consumer reviews were favorable for the product, some parents mentioned that the newly restyled Swaddlers were not of the same high quality of the previous version. For example, the new product’s Absorb Away Liner that is supposed to wick away moisture from babies’ skin was reported not to work well which resulted in diaper rashes.

2. Huggies Snug and Dry Diapers


Huggies Snug and Dry diapers are designed to conform to babies’ unique shapes and flex when they move; this ideally results in no gaps and opportunities for leaks. The Leak Lock System, which consists of layers of highly absorbent materials, is an additional guard against leaks in the Huggies diapers which guarantee up to 12 hours of wetness protection. The Huggies Snug and Dry line of disposable diapers fit new born infants and babies that weigh up to 28 pounds.

3. Pampers Baby Dry Diapers


Pampers Baby Dry diapers are designed to protect against wetness in the overnight hours when babies tend to urinate heavily and sometimes wait longer than usual for diaper changes. This Pampers overnight diaper is marketed for up to 12 hours of wetness protection. It features three layers for maximum absorbency, flexible leg openings and soft material for a comfortable fit.

4. Pampers Cruisers Diapers


While the Pampers Swaddlers are more suited for young infants, the Pampers Cruisers line of diapers was created for active babies who are maturing into toddlers. This diaper has a feature called Absorb Channels that soak up and more evenly distribute urine to keep the diaper from sagging; babies also remain drier longer during play time. The material used in the diapers’ padding allows for up to 12 hours of wetness protection. The leg openings for the Cruisers diapers feature sturdy elastic that helps to ensure a great fit and minimizes leaks. Consumers give this Pampers product high marks for performing as advertised.

5. Luvs Ultra Leakguards Diapers

Best Diapers

Luvs Ultra Leakguards diapers are used as overnight protection against wetness and leaks. The product features premium absorbency layers that trap moisture away from babies’ skin so that the diaper does not leak, and babies get the uninterrupted sleep that they need. The diapers’ fastening tabs also stretch to adjust for a custom fit. Luvs offers a money back guarantee if their products do not perform as marketed, and the guarantee has been used by consumers who have complained about leaks and blow outs according to some of the consumer reviews for the Luvs Ultra Leakguards.

6. Earth’s Best Chlorine Free Diapers

Best Diapers

Environmentally conscious parents who have not decided to take the plunge into the world of reusable cloth diapers can still feel somewhat good about their choice of disposable diapers when they choose Earth’s Best Chlorine Free diapers. While standard big brand diapers use some petroleum based materials in their products, Earth’s Best diapers use materials from renewable sources like corn and wheat. The diaper brand, which claims to be free of latex, chlorine and dyes, has received rave reviews from parents about its hypoallergenic qualities. The diapers reportedly stop diaper rashes, and they do not retain the characteristically strong urine smell when soiled.

7. Seventh Generation Free and Clear Diapers


517uSupU2oLSeventh Generation Free and Clear disposable diaper line is a clear competitor of the Earth’s Best brand when it comes to environmentally friendly wetness protection. The Seventh Generation product is 100 percent free of bleaching chemicals, and it offers a super absorbent core that helps to lock in wetness for protection against leaks. This diaper line is laboratory tested for performance against leaks and clinically proven to be gentler on babies’ skin than standard diapers that are made from all sorts of chemicals.

8. gDiapers Disposable Inserts Medium to X-Large

Best Diapers

gDiapers Disposable Inserts offer parents a whole new way of handling diaper changes. The inserts are designed to work with the company’s gPants washable, cotton diaper covers. The diaper covers, which are made of more breathable materials than standard disposable diapers, reportedly help to reduce incidences of diaper rashes. The inserts are flushable and compostable per manufacturer instructions.

9. Gerber Heavyweight Gauze Prefold Cloth Diapers

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The Gerber Heavyweight Gauze Prefold Cloth diaper is one of the most eco-friendly and cost effective types of diapers on the list. The diaper is 100 percent reusable and washable which can save households hundreds of dollars over purchasing disposable diapers. Also, many parents who use cloth diapers on their babies report fewer incidences of diaper rash.

10. OsoCozy Prefolds Unbleached Cloth Diapers

Best Diapers

The OsoCozy Prefolds Unbleached Cloth diapers are made of 100 percent soft, absorbent cotton. The reusable and long lasting diapers can fit infants and babies that weigh up to 30 pounds. The OsoCozy line of diapers is an environmentally friendly competitor of the Gerber cloth diaper, and their diapers’ level of quality is comparable to those offered by diaper services.

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