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Top 10 Novelty Blankets 2017


There is something about the warmth of a blanket that makes a person feel right at home. Whether you toss one over the side of your reading chair or use a novelty blanket to decorate a bedroom, finding the right one makes all the difference in the world. Novelty blankets are also a fun gift that tells your favorite person in the world that you know exactly what they love.

The popularity of novelty blankets means that you can find one to fit any theme or personal style. While it’s great to have so many options, it also makes it harder to narrow down the selection to the perfect blanket to fit your occasion. This list of the top 10 novelty blankets of the year will help you make the right decision.

1. Harry Potter Gryffindor’s Crest Tapestry Throw


Harry Potter fans will love the authentic look of this tapestry. Printed with the official house crest and frayed edges, it adds the ideal touch to a kid’s room or home library. At 48×60 inches, it is also the perfect size for a wall hanging or to cover a full-size bed.

2. The Original Snuggie With Sleeves and Pockets


You just can’t beat a Snuggie when it comes to lounging around the house. This blanket turned robe gives you full coverage for keeping warm with its long-sleeves, and the pockets add a convenient place to stash remotes, a paperback or your favorite binge-watching snacks. They are also warm enough to wear outdoors as you snuggle around a campfire with a cup of hot cocoa. Snuggies are one-size-fits-all, which makes it the perfect solution for any adult on your guest list.

3. Million Dollar Blanket


Your loved one is worth more to you than all the money in the world, so why not make them feel like a million bucks? This fun novelty blanket adds a touch of whimsy to any room and is a fun conversation piece. It also reaches a full 71-inches in length, which makes it large enough for even the tallest person in the room to snuggle up beneath the soft fabric. Financial advisors will love this blanket, but so will teens who will love being able to say that they held a million dollars, if only in their dreams.

4. iScream Scoops Plush Blanket


Fleece blankets are all the rage this season, and the bright, bold print on this blanket appeals to people of all ages. While it may be covered in a cheerful ice cream print, the extra soft fleece is warm enough to stave off the winter cold. Parents will love that it is machine washable, and kids will be excited to cuddle beneath a colorful blanket that features their favorite treat.

5. Mermaid Tail Blanket


A handmade blanket just says that you care, and any kid who loves mermaids will be excited to transform into their favorite mythical creature with this mermaid tail. It is hand knitted and crocheted using eco-friendly materials that are safe for sensitive skin. Since kids can slide into the blanket, it offers hands-free warmth that is perfect for road trips or just snuggling up on the couch.

6. The Northwest Company Pokemon Go Pikachu Blanket


Pokemon Go has captured the interest of both kids and adults this year as they search for hot spots on their phone. Now, you can give the Pokemon fan in your family a blanket that represents their favorite character. It comes in a generous 46 by 60-inch size with soft, micro fleece fabric printed in classic Pokemon colors that will enthrall the biggest fans.

7. Laghcat Mermaid Tail Blanket and Bag


Mermaid tail blankets are not just for kids. This one is 71-inches in length, which makes it big enough for older teens and adults. It also comes with a drawstring daypack and silver mermaid necklace to create a lovely gift set that anyone will love. With an open back and bottom, it can be wrapped around your body for full warmth in the winter, or it can be left open for lighter coverage in the summer.

8. Hughapy Knitted Mermaid Tail


These all-season mermaid tails are hand knit with care so that you always know that you are snuggling up to a handcrafted masterpiece. Girls will love having the matching drawstring bag to carry their mermaid tail to slumber parties, and the fact that they are handmade means that each soft blanket tail is original.

9. Blankie Tails Shark Blanket


Mermaids aren’t the only aquatic creatures with tails. Kids also love sharks, and you can delight the child on your gift list with this fun shark tail blanket. It’s available in four “sharksome” colors, and each tail is large enough to fit kids from three to 12 years old. These wrap all the way around the wearer’s lower half of the body and are made from soft minky fabric that kids love to touch.

10. Marvel Spiderman Throw


Superheroes are popular with kids, and this throw is perfect for your favorite Spiderman fan. It is made from 100 percent polyester, and the anti-pill fabric means it will look brand new, even after a tumble in the washing machine. It is sized perfectly for kids, and folds up small enough to be stashed in a tote bag or the back seat of your car. Carry it along to Grandma’s house for sleepovers or keep it near the couch for family movie night.

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