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Top 10 Best Baby Gates 2017


When it comes to safety and security, settling for less is seldom a parental option. Having that safety and security for our little ones is what it is all about. For the parents of toddlers and younger, this concept is especially true.

At home, one of the best ways to provide such peace of mind is through the use of a child or baby gate. These gates create safe perimeters in which the little ones can play and carry on without posing immediate concerns for the parent. Although all baby gates are designed for the same purpose, not all are created equally. Here to keep you informed and make that purchase a little easier, we list the top-10, best baby gates of 2016/2017.

1. Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate


Regalo’s Easy Step Walk Thru Gate is excellent for parents on the move. Pressure-mounted with optional wall cups, this gate creates security that is easily entered and exited by the parents. Install in doorways, halls, or even at the top of stairs and enjoy the easy-open, child-locked gate for adult-only access. This gate serves areas of 29-39” wide.

2. Evenflo Position and Lock Wood Gate


Evenflo’s Position and Lock Wood Gate is a reliable and quite popular throwback to the style of baby gates that kept past generations safe. Simply open the gate, adjust the locking bar to the opening being filled, lock it in, and let the little ones have fun. Its all-wood, neutral-styled construction makes it suitable for children and pets alike in any style of décor.

3. Regalo Super Wide Gate and Play Yard


For those looking to gate-off larger areas, Regalo’s Super Wide Gate and Play Yard is the perfect option. With its massive, 192-inch span, this gate can be molded into a large gate or even a spacious, self-contained, self-secured playpen for the little ones. Its all-steel design is highly secure but easily disassembled via its smart, easy-fold system. In addition, this gate is Juvenile Product Association certified.

4. Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Walk-Thru Gate


The Multi-Use Deco Walk-Thru Gate by Summer Infant is a perfect combination of security and style. This deco-style, high-arch gate is crafted in stylish bronze and an all-metal construction. It closes automatically for those passes with full hands and is 36” tall with a capability of spanning spaces up to 48” wide. Its rubber-footed, pressurized mounting system also makes it a pinnacle in reliable baby gate security.

5. Evenflo Position and Lock Wood Gate


Evenflo’s Position and Lock Wood Gate is a simplistic nod to baby gate security. With very little effort, one can resize or adjust the gate via the central locking bar. The gate measures 32” tall and can fill various openings measuring from 31” to 50” wide. Marring of the walls is also no problem as the gate’s rubber bumpers hold tough without causing subsequent wall damage.

6. Regalo Extra Widespan Walk Through Safety Gate


This option in secure versatility is brought to us once again by Regalo but in the form of its all-metal, Widespan model. At its base, this model comes ready to reliably fill openings up to 34” wide. If the space is wider than this, no problem. Simply attach the included extensions and span up to 58” of width. The Widespan is manufactured in the USA, and is quite celebrated for its locking doorway and very fluid entrance and exit of the adults.

7. North States Supergate Deluxe


The North States Supergate Deluxe is an excellent blend of style and luxury combined with the ultimate in child security. This gate’s heavy-duty metal design is rugged and tough yet stylish with its bronze finish and luxe styling. In addition, this gate and its doorway are extra wide with a span of up to 72” of total width and an entry sized at a convenient 25.5” wide for the ultimate in easy passing.

8. Summer Infant Retractable Gate


Summer Infant’s Retractable Gate is an alternative style to solid-body gates most typically seen on the market. In this model, decorative mesh fabric provides the security barrier, a less concerning alternative to solid-structure barriers in times of young legs and newly-gained balance. Standing at 30” tall and opening up to 50”, simply set the gate in place, pull out the desired length of gate, secure, and go. An included baseboard kit also circumvents common baseboard-mount problems experienced in many other gates out there.

9. Munchkin Easy-Close Metal Safety Gate


The Easy-Close Metal Safety Gate by Munchkin is a popular option for those just looking for simplicity and security. This sturdy metal gate opens to 35” wide at its max and rises to a height of 29.5”. The gate’s intuitive, U-shaped frame and double locking system also make it a safe bet for all the little ones and even pets. This gate comes in a smooth, white finish.

10. Regalo Extra Tall Top of Stairs Gate


The Extra Tall Top of Stairs Gate by Regalo is a popular gate design made specifically for stairway transitions, top and bottom. Unlike many gates, it is built for this application, allowing for banisters, baseboards, and the typical design incorporations of stairways. Easily installed and removed, this gate comes in a smooth, white finish and can conveniently span up to 55” of width at 35” tall.

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