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Top 10 Best Men’s Insulated Mountaineering Pants 2018


For those who enjoy mountain climbing and extreme treks at high altitudes, having high-quality gear is vital. Temperatures can vary wildly from those recorded at lower elevations, and the weather is far less predictable. Protection from the elements and conservation of body heat are two important criteria to consider when shopping for clothing. In addition to durable materials and construction, these two factors may be what saves a mountain climbing and trekking enthusiast from suffering the complications of exposure. To make shopping for the right clothing simpler, we’ve put together a list of our top ten best-insulated mountaineering pants for men in 2018.

1. Snow Pants by Arctix

While snow pants are naturally great for time spent skiing or snowboarding, the right pair can serve as a valuable part of a mountaineering wardrobe. These men’s snow pants have a relaxed fit that permits a greater range of mobility that’s perfect for mountain climbing, ice climbing, and extreme trekking. Designed to be worn as a top layer of clothing, they also have easy-fit bootstraps and snug gaiters that help to keep problematic moisture out and hold warmth close to the body. The water-resistant fabric, with reinforced seams and an adjustable waist, completes the package.

2. White Sierra Insulated Toboggan Pants

The outer shell of these durable, waterproof pants is made from 100 percent nylon with an interior layer of 100 percent polyester. The knees are articulated, allowing for greater freedom of movement while in the field, and the waist is internally adjustable. Along with bootstraps and gaiters that keep moisture and snow away from the skin, they also have adjustable ankle openings with hook and loop closure for easy adjustment.

3. Full Zip Breakaway Pants from Arctix

This low-bulk garment is equipped with 85 grams of high tech insulation and made from 100 percent nylon ThermaLock fabric. Because retaining the warmth produced by the body is crucial, these serve as an ideal outer layer to any outdoor wardrobe. In addition to bootstraps and boot-gripping gaiters that seal out moisture and snow, these pants can be zipped on over clothing and footwear with full-length side zippers. Handwarmer style pockets zip closed and have an O-ring for keys or other essential items.

4. Burton Insulated Cover Pants

When spending an extended time in extremely cold, windy, or wet weather, layers are vital. These superior cover pants provide protection from all three and are breathable as well. The lining beneath this tough exterior is composed of mesh, taffeta, and Thermolite, which does more than simply retain body heat. It regulates body temperature to account for periods of variable activity. Fully taped seams also work to keep the weather out, while special vents provide unparalleled air circulation and moisture buildup prevention.

5. Korman Men’s Fleece Insulated Pants

These pants are ideal as part of a more extensive outdoor wardrobe. Their water- and the wind-repellent fabric is made of 94 percent polyester with 6 percent spandex for a little added stretch. Fleece lining helps retain essential body heat in sub-freezing temperatures, and three zippered pockets are protected with waterproof tape for safe storage of possessions. The elastic waist offers a comfortable fit and promotes ease of motion in the field. While they may be worn alone for climbing or other outdoor excursions during summer or early autumn, they also work well when paired with outer garments necessary in more extreme weather.

6. Trailside Men’s Insulated Snow Pants

Water- and wind-resistant fabric makes these snow pants ideal for outdoor activities in winter. They have built-in boot gaiters and an elastic cuff to keep snow and damp away from the skin. The elastic waist has unique adjustment loops at either side for the most comfortable fit, and inner thigh zippers permit custom ventilation in the instance of excessive perspiration. When the temperature drops, the thick fleece lining helps to retain warmth.

7. Lucky Bums Reinforced Snow Pants

When it comes to protecting garments from excessive wear and tear, the seat and the knees are two areas on which manufacturers focus their efforts. Alas, sometimes their efforts are insufficient, and a stress tear compromises the integrity of these essential garments. Not so with these pants. In addition to an adjustable waist, boot gaiters and straps for security against moisture infiltration, and handy, zippered pockets, they have a secret weapon. They’ve been reinforced at these stress points to take extra wear and tear.

8. Windproof Mountain Pants from Korman

When mountain trekking in the snow—which could be in June depending on altitude—snow or ski pants are essential. However, even during the months less likely to see snow, the wind is a constant factor. These pants are made with a patented soft-shell approach. With 6 percent spandex and 94 percent polyester, they’re wind- and water-resistant, but allow a full range of motion. They boast zippered pockets and comfortable elastic at the waist and ankles. As well, they clean up pretty with just a swipe of a damp cloth, making them a crowd favorite.

9. Big and Tall Snow Pants from Pulse

Finding pants that fit extra long legs and proportionately large frames can be difficult. These snow pants offer all the benefits of other models—fleece lined waterproof outer shell, zippered pockets, adjustable waist and zipper vents along the inner thighs—but they’re made to accommodate outdoor enthusiasts that are a bit taller than their peers. They have built-in gaiters to keep snow and damp away from the skin and provide protection from the elements.

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10. Extra-Warm Snow Pants from Wantdo

These water-resistant outdoor pants boast an impressive 200g of insulation to help retain body heat. They also have a velvet-soft lining for added comfort directly against the skin in the instance that they are the only layer of clothing. Taped and zippered pockets offer waterproof security for belongings stored on the go, and an adjustable waist with reinforced belt loops ensures a comfortable fit for all.