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Top 10 Best Men’s Snowshoes


Picking out a pair of snowshoes can be a challenge, especially for anyone planning their first trip through snow-covered terrain. Whether you need extra durable decks, lightweight aluminum frames or flexible straps, the snowshoes on this list have you covered. You can make your winter trek safe and secure with the shock-resistant poles that come with several of these models. With the right pair of snowshoes, hikers of any age can enjoy the snow-capped hills and ridges of their surroundings without getting stuck in deep patches of snow. The following snowshoes are designed to be comfortable and reliable in any weather.

1. Chinook Trekker Snowshoes

The Chinook Trekker snowshoes offer all the support and protection hikers need to stay safe and active during long treks through the snow. They’re constructed from lightweight, durable aluminum alloy material to make them comfortable and efficient for hikers, mountain climbers and anyone enjoying wintertime recreational sports. The Chinook Trekker snowshoes include a convenient carrying bag that helps to make them portable when not in use, so it will be easy to bring them along on a vacation.

2. ENKEEO All-Terrain Snowshoes

These lightweight aluminum snowshoes from ENKEEO come in several sizes to fit hikers of all ages and weight ranges. They include heavy-duty ratchet straps to make it fast and easy to attach them to any pair of shoes or boots. With the handy carrying case included with the frames, transporting these ENKEEO snowshoes will be no problem. They’re comfortable and durable, so you’ll have no problem crossing wide stretches of powdery snow in these shoes.

3. ALPS Adult All-Terrain Snowshoes and Anti-Shock Adjustable Snowshoeing Poles

When it comes to walking over snow banks without getting stuck, a reliable pair of snowshoes is a must. The task becomes much easier with help from a pair of aluminum trekking poles. The ALPS snowshoes and poles are constructed from high-quality aluminum. The decks of the snowshoes are made from a durable synthetic material called Nytex, which prevents feet from sinking into the snow and helps protect them from frostbite. ALPS is well-known for designing great winter gear, and these all-terrain snowshoes are designed with quality and comfort in mind.

4. Winterial Back Trail Snowshoes

Anyone who wants quality construction and excellent comfort will be impressed with these snowshoes from Winterial. With durable, lightweight aluminum frames and flexible standing decks, these snowshoes are designed to last for many years without warping or breaking. They come with aluminum trekking poles to help hikers remain balanced on long walks through deep snow, so every winter hike in these shoes is sure to be pleasant and worry-free.

5. Go2gether Snowshoes Kit

This snowshoe kit from Go2gether combines excellent construction with lightweight durability for a comfortable fit that will make treks through the snow safe and easy. The kit includes trekking poles and a carrying case for convenient portability and long-lasting reliability. Go2gether offers several sizes of snowshoes for hikers of all ages and sizes. They have strong ratcheting foot straps and flexible heels for added safety and convenience on uphill climbs.

6. MSR Evo 22 Snowshoe

The Evo 22 snowshoes from MSR have a unique construction that helps hikers stay upright on long walks through powdery snow. Their lightweight one-piece frame contains steel teeth designed to grip ice and snow on the ground for excellent traction and steady footing on every winter hike. They’re constructed from high-quality steel with flexible rubber foot straps. These MSR snowshoes are easy to put on and comfortable to wear.

7. Tubbs Panoramic Snowshoes

The Tubbs Panoramic snowshoes are constructed from durable aluminum. They have a special design that reduces impact on joints for extra comfort and protection during winter hikes through deep snow. Hikers wearing these snowshoes will have no problem keeping their footing and remaining in a steady, upright position. These Tubbs snowshoes have a strong, flexible binding to prevent stress on the heels and tendons. The decks are cushioned with EVA foam to evenly distribute body weight over the entire surface.

8. Goplus Snowshoes All-Terrain Sports with Anti-Shock Adjustable Poles

The Goplus all-terrain snowshoes are designed for comfort, and they’re constructed from durable materials to ensure reliability in harsh conditions. They come with aluminum poles and a lightweight carrying case, so you won’t have any inconvenience transporting them from place to place. The included trekking poles are fully adjustable and designed to absorb the impact of repeatedly hitting the surface of the snow.

9. Flex ESC Snowshoe

Tubbs created the Flex ESC snowshoes for adventurers who want extra comfort, protection and security during treks over snow and ice. Winter conditions can be unpredictable, and a pair of Flex ESC snowshoes can help you prepare for anything that might happen on your hike. They include flexible foot straps for keeping feet secure and stable in the frame. The curved shape of the snowshoes enables hikers to efficiently travel over deep snow drifts without slowing down.

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10. Pansel Performance Lightweight Snowshoes for Men, Women and Kids

No matter what size you are, these high-performance snowshoes from Pansel will help you stay stable and secure on long treks through the ice and snow. They’re constructed from quality aluminum frames that can easily glide over the surface of deep, powdery snow in severe winter conditions. The straps are designed to be quickly fastened to the feet, so getting ready for a hike won’t be time-consuming or inconvenient.

A reliable pair of snowshoes can be helpful when the weather outside is harsh. The snowshoes on this list are sure to be well-constructed and comfortable for many years.