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Top 10 Best Selling iPhone 6s Cases 2017


Apple had a hit on its hands with its very first iPhone, but as the company added new features to that basic smartphone, newer editions became even more popular. If you have an iPhone 6S, you should invest in a protective case that will reduce the risk of your phone suffering damage if you trip and drop it. Those cases can also prevent scratches from appearing on the glass screen and absorb shocks that might otherwise cause you to lose some of your important data. Look at the best selling iPhone 6S cases to find a case that’s right for you.

1. Rose Gold iPhone 6S Caseology® Case with Clear Back Cover


One of the top selling cases in recent years is this rose gold case. The soft pink color of the case will add a touch of elegance to your phone, and its clear back lets others see that you have an iPhone in your hand. A unique coating helps you easily keep a grip on your phone, but its rounded edges make the phone feel more comfortable. The manufacturer specially designed the case to cushion your phone during a drop.

2. OtterBox COMMUTER SERIES iPhone 6/6s Case


Those who want the ultimate in protection often turn to OtterBox, which is why this cell phone case is a top seller. The lightweight case actually consists of two different pieces that you snap together over your phone. It gives you complete control over all the buttons, ports and even your touchscreen, and it comes with an adhesive screen protector that fits on top of that touchscreen. The case comes with a one-year warranty too.

3. LoHi Hybrid Impact 3 Color TPU Shockproof Rugged iPhone 6 Case


The textured surface on this case makes it the perfect choice for anyone worried about dropping a phone. That surface helps you keep your hands on your phone, even if your hands are wet. Available in a wine shade, this case fits tightly over your phone and does a great job of absorbing shocks when your phone hits a hard or soft surface. It also comes with holes that give you access to all your buttons and ports.

4. Vofolen® Impact Resistant Hybrid iPhone 6 Wallet Case


With this wallet case, you can now take your iPhone 6S out in the world with you without worrying about carrying a bulky bag. It features a secret compartment that slides open on the back of your phone that is large enough to accommodate some extra cash or up to two cards. The case, which features both rubber and harder elements, is shockproof, resistant to scratches and resistant to impacts too.

5. JETech Apple iPhone 6/6s Case Shock-Absorption Bumper and Anti-Scratch Clear Back Case


Suitable for use with both the iPhone 6 and 6S, this case has a slimmer design that won’t add bulk or heft to your phone. The manufacturer created a new technology that uses air cushioning to protect your phone during drops. Though it fits tightly over the phone, it also has gaps that let you access all your ports and buttons. Though the case comes in several colors, you can also design your own case.

6. iPhone 6S Plus Protective Case


Though more basic in design than some of the other cases on this list, this iPhone 6S case is great for those who want something simple that will still protect their phones. The case has rounded edges and a slick surface that helps you keep a better grip on your phone without dealing with any discomfort. While it protects your phone during an accidentally drop, it also has cutouts that let you access all the important features you need.

7. Tough Armor Case for Apple iPhone 6


If you spend a lot of time in the great outdoors, you need a case that offers more protection like Tough Armor extreme protection case. Side cutouts let you plug in cables and your charger without worrying about damaging your phone. It also features two different pieces made from polycarbonate and other materials that snap together along the sides of your phone to absorbs shocks and vibrations.

8. Lifeproof FRE SERIES iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus Waterproof Case


LifeProof includes a simple video that shows you how to install this case to get the the most out of the product. You’ll find that these case fits your phone like a glove and allows you to use licensed Apple products when charging your phone and using other features. It is resistant to both water and snow at depths of more than six meters for up to an hour, and it comes with a clear screen protector.

9. Impact Resistant Hybrid Protective Cover Case For iPhone 6/6s


This silicone case gives you all the protection you need and the comfort grip that you want. Specially designed silicone areas help you keep a better grip on your phone while talking, texting or playing. It comes with two harder pieces of plastic that snap to the phone and a lightweight clear piece that fits over your screen. The combination of components protects your phone from scratches, drops and much more.

10. Geekmart Clear Soft Floral Silicone Back Cover for 5.5 inches iPhone 6 Plus/iPhone 6s Plus


A soft pink background and images of cherry blossoms helped make this smartphone case a top seller. As much as you love its look, you’ll love the way it functions even more. The case, which is compatible with the 6 Plus and 6S Plus, has a uniquely designed area that protects your phone, a hard polyurethane shell that reduces shocks during falls and cutouts for all your buttons and ports.

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