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Top 10 iPhone Docking Stations 2017


The top docking stations for 2017 feature a range of features for every user. You can find faux-leather, bamboo, or sleek metal designs to fit any décor. Some models offer charging for multiple devices, including Android products with microUSB ports. Others focus exclusively on your iPhone, like the docking stations that hold your phone at a tilt for easy video watching or chatting. You can even charge your Apple watch and phone at the same time with some of these charging stations. No matter what you’re looking for, this list will walk you through the features on the market and help you find the best option for your home or office.

1. Wireless Charger, Qi Compliant Fast Charging Pad


Soundbot has made it so you don’t have to plug your phone in to get it fully charged. Whether your microUSB port is worn out or you just don’t want to fiddle with plugging in a cord every day, this wireless phone charger is the solution for you. Simply place your cell phone on the no-slip surface and let it get to work. The USB cord can be plugged into any port or connected to an electrical outlet.

2. Stock Your Home Electronics Charging Station


Keep things organized with this stylish, faux-leather 3-phone organizing station. You can charge up your Apple or Android phones at the same time, and the front compartment lets you store keys, change and other small items. It also keeps charging cords tucked neatly out of sight. This station makes a great decoration for a foyer table or nightstand.

3. Lipper International 812 Bamboo Charging Station


If faux leather isn’t your style, try this bamboo wood station. Its warm coloring adds sophistication to any room, and its 3-compartment divide makes it easy to organize. You can store phones, tablets or e-readers with the appropriate cords. An easy-to-access top compartment is perfect for keys.

4. Bamboo Universal Multi Device Cord Organizer Stand and Charging Station


For larger electronics, try this plus-size bamboo universal phone charger. At 9.5 inches wide and 4.75 inches across, it’s big enough to hold tablets and small laptops. It has three separate rows for holding your electronics, so you can place a larger item in the back and charge your phone in the front. If you need more storage space, you can use one of the three racks for non-electronics.

5. Twelve South HiRise Deluxe


This sleek docking station is designed exclusively for Apple products. It comes with a Lightning cable for your phone and a microUSB option if you have a Mophie battery attached. For extra convenience, this holder ships with both cords, so you don’t have to buy spares or constantly unplug it. The stand keeps your phone elevated and angled so you can use it before bedtime or for video calling.

6. RND Apple Certified Lightning to USB Dock


This third-party iPhone dock provides an affordable stand for driving or household use. It comes with a power protection feature to charge your batteries safely and is compatible with iPods as well as iPhones. RND has earned Apple certification because of their high quality and ability to tailor their items for Apple phones.

7. Jonti-Craft 3401JC Tabletop Charging Station


What can you do if you have more than three devices to charge? Use this Jonti-Craft station that can hold up to twelve devices at one time. It’s perfect for schools, businesses and technology wonks who need to power up many devices at once or want a convenient storage location for everything.

8. Okra 7-Port Hub USB Desktop Universal Charging Station


If you want a multi-device charger that’s already set up with USB cords and a charging cord, this Okra 7-Port hub is the right choice for you. Simply plug it into your wall outlet, and you’ll be ready to start powering up phones, tablets, cameras and more. The Smart IC chipset keeps your devices from overcharging, and the silicone material prevents any slips.

9.Amir Bamboo Wood USB Charging Station


New technology requires new ways to charge. Amir’s bamboo charger can charge up to three devices at a time, including an Apple watch. The arm on the side is perfect for keeping your watch in place while it charges. The overall design is unique and aesthetically pleasing. If you can’t stand the look of other multi-device chargers, give this one a chance.

10. Cell Phone Stand, Lamicall S1 Dock


This stand is perfect for charging your phone while using it hands-free. If you love to watch cooking videos in the kitchen, Skype with friends in the bedroom or watch YouTube in the bathtub, you’ll enjoy this stand. It holds your smart phone at the best angle for viewing. It’s also beautiful. The black aluminum alloy looks great, and the modern-style design is sleek. Lamicall includes a lifetime warranty and will refund or replace your phone stand if you aren’t happy with it.

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