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Top 10 Best Acoustic Guitars 2017


t’s been estimated that 13 percent of the adults in the U.S. play guitar. This figure doesn’t take into account the children, adolescents, and young adults who embark upon their musical learning journey each year. The acoustic guitar is an incredibly popular instrument. It’s portable, simple to maintain, and almost anyone can master the musical basics of its use. That being said, the process selecting a guitar has become an intricate dance of choice and product evaluation. While one can still mull over the options at the local musical instrument and supply store, many companies now offer quality guitars in the virtual marketplace. Here are ten of the best acoustic guitars for budding musicians of all ages.

1. Best Choice Starter Package

Best Acoustic Guitar

For the beginner, it’s important to have a quality instrument. However, other important aspects of musical training are the basic tools that accompany any guitar. This 38-inch guitar starter pack is ideal for the beginner. It comes with a pick, an extra set of strings, a carrying case, and an instrument shoulder strap. The guitar itself is well crafted, and made entirely of wood, with a glossy black finish that resists marks of basic wear-and-tear.

2. Jasmine Dreadnought

Best Acoustic Guitar

Any guitar lover—whether just mastering the basics or looking back on a long musical career—would be pleased by the bold, sweet tone of this Jasmine classic. Well constructed, with a spruce top and laminated Nato back and sides, the S35 bears a host of finely detailed accents. From a rosewood fretboard to chromed tuning pegs, this Dreadnought has beauty to match its wonderful timbre. The satin finish is inviting to both gaze and touch. This guitar is sure to be a showstopper anywhere it’s played.

3. Hohner Half-Sized Classic

Best Acoustic Guitar

It’s never too early to begin learning a musical skill, but traditional instruments are built to adult proportions. The small hands of growing children and their smaller stature cannot accommodate the larger bulk and dimensions of a full-sized guitar. However, for the purposes of legitimate musical study, toys are unsuitable. That’s why Hohner produces a high-quality guitar at a reduced size to accommodate young learners. It’s durably constructed of high-quality materials and comes with nylon strings that won’t abrade tender fingers.

4. The Rogue Dreadnought

Acoustic Guitar

This whitewood acoustic dreadnought model produces a pleasingly sweet and resonant tone, which is perfect for guitarists just finding their musical stride. The Nato wood neck enhances the resonance of every strum and pick, while the detailed body embellishment offers visual interest. Each note resounds clearly, assisted by the painted maple of the bridge and fingerboard. Dovetail joints join the neck to the body, and nickel coated tuning pegs complete the classic appeal of this six string acoustic guitar.

5. The Complete Fender Squier Package

Acoustic Guitar

Fender is one of the most trusted brands in the guitar world. This starter package includes a host of necessary items that are normally purchased separately. A gig bag and shoulder strap offer portability and protection, while extra strings, a clip-on tuner, and picks mean you’ll be ready for anything. This dreadnought 6-string has a durable, laminated spruce top, agathis back and sides, and a beautiful rosewood fretboard. Plus, an instructional DVD is included in the package.

6. Steel String Dreadnought

Acoustic Guitar

Measuring a full 41 inches in length, this professional-style dreadnought acoustic guitar is equipped with steel strings that meet the music industry standard. The dot inlay of the caputa fretboard and bridge accentuates a linden wood top. Chrome tuning pegs with a resin nut allow you to easily and stylishly adjust the tune of this beautifully crafted 6-string guitar. While it’s ideal for those just learning the nuances of steel string guitars, this instrument is a wonderful addition to the collection of any seasoned musician.

7. Brilliant Blue Acoustic Starter Package


Best Acoustic GuitarsMake a splash with this beautiful acoustic guitar. The linden wood top is beautifully colored to render a vivid impression. A rosewood fretboard and catalpa wood neck function to enhance the tone of the instrument, while also providing added visual allure. The starter pack includes pick, extra strings, a pick guard, and a gig bag to ensure that you have all the tools you need to start mastering the guitar immediately.

8. Crescent Six String Starter Pack

Best Acoustic Guitar

The guitar face is stained a beautiful, lustrous brown and evokes the rich tones of this fully sized six-string guitar. Steel strings and quality craftsmanship ensure that this model will endure for years to come. However, to get you started, the pack comes with a pick, pick guard, tuning pipe, a full set of replacement strings, a shoulder strap, and a gig bag. Everything you need to begin like a champion is included.

9. Blue Acoustic Beginner Package

Best Acoustic Guitars

Every great musician must start somewhere. This lovely, durably crafted blue acoustic guitar comes with a success package, and includes everything you’ll need to see you on your way. An extra set of steel strings, a tuning pipe, a shoulder strap and a gig bag will have you entertaining your friends and neighbors in no time. The beautiful blue, glossy finish will attract new fans as surely as your growing skill.

10. Crescent Black Acoustic Starter Pack

Best Acoustic Guitar

Wow your friends and neighbors with your new skills on the guitar. This starter bundle comes with a beautiful Crescent acoustic guitar. 38 inches with steel strings and quality construction, the high shine of the lacquer finish will be almost as brilliant as your musicality. Be ready for anything with the tools of your trade. The starter pack includes a pick, pick guard, extra strings, a digital e-tuner, pitch pipe, shoulder strap, and a gig bag in which to store it all.

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