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Top 10 Best Bass Guitars 2017


Bass guitars are one of the best instruments to play because they’re versatile and easy to learn. Even if you have big fingers, you can create a beautiful tone with the large strings of a bass. These low-range instruments come in many shapes and sizes, and you can find them in electric and acoustic styles. While you may prefer to play them unplugged from an amplifier, you can switch between plugged and unplugged by choosing an acoustic-electric hybrid. The 10 best bass guitars all have one thing in common: they offer great quality and craftsmanship. You’ll get many hours of enjoyment from any of these choices.

1. Crescent Electric Bass Guitar

Bass Guitar

This bass works great for players of any type of music. It’s quite similar to a Fender P-bass, and it has a wonderful sound quality. It’s lightweight and produces a tone that’s better than you might expect, which makes it a great accompaniment for practices. Many users consider it a great bass guitar for learning, and it comes with a handy tuner.

2. Goplus Full-Size Four-String Bass

Bass Guitar

This bass is a fully functional electric guitar. With a little practice and dedication, you’ll be playing your favorite songs in no time. It has a great quality and beautiful surface, and its lightweight body makes it easy to carry. The hard-texture rosewood material offers a long lifetime for the guitar and tuning hardware. It’s comfortable to the touch and easy to play.

3. Fender Vintage SS Jaguar Bass

Bass Guitar

This short-scale bass is perfect for players with smaller hands, such as younger players and female musicians. It’s lighter than normal basses, so it’s easier for smaller players to carry and play. It includes clear and versatile pickups, a thin, comfortable neck and a great overall appearance. If you’re looking for a bass with light action and reduced fret size, you’ll love playing this one.

4. Electric Acoustic Bass Guitar

Bass Guitar

The build quality of this electric-acoustic bass is one of its best features. This is another smaller bass that’s perfect for female players and younger musicians. The neck is thin and comfortable, and it comes with a reduced 30-inch scale. After tuning it the first time, you’ll see that it holds its tuning very well. The quieter sound produced by the acoustic components are perfect for practicing, and the electric option sounds excellent when plugged in.

5. Dean Acoustic-Electric Bass

Bass Guitar

This sturdy acoustic-electric instrument will be a relief to anyone worried about damaging their bass from gigging and other rough handling. It has unique action and requires a somewhat different playing style than a standard electric bass. Whether you choose flat-wound or round-wound strings, you’ll get a great tone from this instrument with no problem. Players of all experience levels with get a lot of use out of this bass.

6. Dean Acoustic-Electric Five-String Bass

Bass Guitar

Unlike many bass guitars, the Dean acoustic-electric comes with an excellent set of strings that sound great right out of the box. This model is incredibly easy to tune and to keep tuned while you play. After tuning the guitar once, you probably won’t have to adjust the frets because they have good placement straight from the manufacturer. Keeping the neck and frets clean requires nothing more than a plain, dust-free cloth.

7. Crescent Electric Bass Starter Kit

Bass Guitar

This is one of the best basses on the market because it comes with a great-sounding amplifier as well as a convenient carrying case. You can use the included electric tuner to quickly and easily tune your strings, and you’ll have no trouble setting up your instrument because it comes with all the necessary components. This kit even includes a bass pick for players who prefer using a pick to their fingers. You’ll get more of a classic rock sound by using a pick.

8. Electric Acoustic Bass Guitar

Bass Guitar

If you’re looking for a great bass guitar for practice, this electric-acoustic model is a wonderful choice. Like most acoustic basses, the action is somewhat high, so you won’t have to worry about buzzing on the frets. You’ll notice that the included strings retain their brightness for many weeks after you receive the instrument. It’s extremely well-constructed, and you’ll never notice any warping as you play the guitar.

9. Black Full-Size Electric Bass

Bass Guitar

This full-size Davison electric bass is an exceptional instrument that produces a great tone. It’s the perfect bass guitar for anyone who wants to add a low range to their ensemble or begin learning their scales. Guitar players will appreciate how easy it is to play this bass. It comes will high-quality hardware that won’t break down over time.

10. Dean Mahogany Electric Bass

Bass Guitar

This mahogany electric bass is very attractive and has a great sound. The body is shaped and styled for comfort, and it’s very lightweight because it’s made from basswood. The neck is made from maple and is designed for easy, fast playing for bassists of all skill levels. The custom neck joint has an asymmetrical four-bolt design, so players can easily reach every fret on the two-octave neck.

If you’re ready to start playing bass, one of these guitars will get you started on the right foot. Whether you want precision, comfort or convenience, you’ll enjoy composing music or jamming with friends when you choose one of these highly-rated instruments. When it comes to quality and durability, these products offer everything you need to become an accomplished bassist without struggling to keep your instrument tuned and maintained.

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