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Top 10 Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners 2017


Several studies have linked the act of handwriting to the retention of memory and the formation of new neural connections within the human brain. While there are a number of utensils that can be used to write, the “wood” pencil is still the most environmentally sound tool, since many modern pencils contain a high percentage of recycled materials that biodegrade, unlike their mechanical cousins and ink pens.

That being said, these pencils must be sharpened to remain effective. Whether in domestic, academic, or professional settings, having the most reliable and durable product makes a difference. How do you choose among the myriad options? Below, we’ll offer a list of the ten best electric sharpeners currently available, with details to assist you in selecting the right product for your needs.

1. X-Acto School Pro


The jarring burr of traditional electric sharpeners isn’t conducive to classroom concentration. Plus, many electric models produce an extremely fine point, and little hands are still learning how to gauge appropriate pressure against paper. While modern pencil leads are non-toxic, those sharp points will pierce skin as easily as they do paper. The X-Acto School Pro comes to the rescue with a quiet motor, a variety of apertures to accommodate different pencil types, and blades that produce a slightly rounded point.

2. Top Quality Portable Electric Sharpener


This classroom-quiet battery operated sharpener is compact enough to tote, yet powerful enough to sharpen an entire class compliment of pencils. It’s steel blades produce a professional point in seconds, and is suitable for writing and artist’s pencils. Powered by AA batteries, this tiny but mighty sharpener is also constructed to last. It comes with a replacement blade built right into its design, so there’s never a dull moment.

3. X-Acto Electric Sharpener


The hardened steel blades within this sharpener won’t give up, no matter how many pencils you have. Ideal for office, lab, and classroom settings, it provides a perfectly sharp point with each use. Plus, it comes equipped with soft, non-skid feet that will protect any desk or surface from scratches, even while they keep the sharpener in its place. Durable construction and an ample shavings receptacle make this functional sharpener an ideal choice.

4.School Smart Vertical Sharpener


This durable sharpener is a perfect desk mate for teachers in the classroom, professionals in the office, and students hitting the books. Crafted to accommodate Number 2 writing pencils, its helical steel blades sharpen to perfection in seconds. Also equipped with an automatic stop feature, the School Smart model ensures that you’ll never over-sharpen your pencil again and will increase the use life of every utensil. An easy-to-remove shavings reservoir makes this model a cinch to clean.

5. The Next Generation from OfficeGoods


This battery-powered electric pencil sharpener has a host of great features. It’s compact and travels with ease, but looks attractive on any desktop. In addition to providing a customizable point, it’s part of a kid-friendly environment. When the cover to the shavings reservoir is removed, the motor stops. Plus, it can be powered with its AC adapter, charged from your laptop or desktop computer with a USB fixture, or go anywhere you go with its long battery life.

6. A Personal Point from Bostitch


This compact wonder is ideal for those with limited workspace. Whether at home or in a professional setting, the Bostitch personal pencil sharpener provides superior, stall free action. Its design also allows for a spacious shavings reservoir, which is easy to remove and clean. Plus, while the reservoir is removed, the child-friendly safety switch prevents operation. The Bostitch personal electric sharpener looks great on any desk, and will remain a fixture, thanks to its durability and long-life design.

7. Heavy Duty from Linkyo


This vertical model electric pencil sharpener has a host of attractive features. The streamlined design is crafted from durable, transparent plastic, so you’re never left guessing when the shavings reservoir needs to be emptied. When it comes to sharpening the perfect pencil, the Linkyo is equipped with Smart Sharpening Sensor Technology. The high quality helical steel blade stops when the optimum point has been achieved. Plus, if there’s ever a jam, it will release the pencil, solving the problem.

8. Teacher Pro from X-Acto


Teachers know the need for a reliable, top-quality pencil sharpener in their classroom. The X-Acto Teacher Pro is ideal for any scholastic setting, with a dial that can accommodate most pencils. So, whether they’re just learning to write or studying for a calculus test, no pencil will go unsharpened. Smart Stop technology shuts off the motor when the optimum point has been achieved, extending the life of every pencil.

9. School Smart is Classroom Friendly


The need for a reliable, durable pencil sharpener will be a consistent feature of the classroom experience for many years to come. School Smart offers their heavy duty sharpening solution to fill this need. It provides a perfect point every time, and its auto-stop feature prevents over-sharpening. Plus, this model is specifically designed to resist tipping over during class. It has been crafted with a broad, low silhouette that gives it superior stability.

10. The Power of Portability from Imikas


Take this sharpener on your next field excursion. Battery powered, it offers as much vigor as a conventional electric sharpener, and a host of other great features. The helical blades provide a superior, fine point with every use. The ample shavings reservoir is crafted from clear plastic for easy observation, removal, and cleaning. Plus, it comes with a safety switch that prevents motor operation while the reservoir is removed, so it’s safe to use in a kid-friendly environment.

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