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Top 10 Best Office Products 2017


Office supplies are often overlooked when we consider what is most important to our occupations. However, these items allow us to do the work that matters most to us. Beyond the corporate sphere, these humble supplies render everyday tasks easier. When you have reliable office supplies, you waste less material and time reworking or redoing tasks. With that in mind, quality is important. No matter what vocation you follow, having reliable, high quality supplies can mean the difference between a substandard completion and an award-winning creation. Although it may not be the first notion that comes to your mind, that quality communicates to others about you, the creator.

1. Scotch Brand Shipping Tape

81ARX7dPDAL._SL1500_Whether you need to pack boxes for home storage, have a small business with shipping needs or simply in the process of moving, Scotch brand shipping tape won’t let you down. This clear tape comes in a specially designed dispenser to ensure that the cut end won’t fall back onto the roll. It is specially designed to unwind smoothly, adhere strongly, and resist splitting. It’s great for sealing cartons filled to the brim and meets all U.S. Postal codes for shipped materials.

2. Georgia Pacific Bright White Multi-Pack Paper


1500 sheets of Georgia Pacific Spectrum® Bright White paper are just right for any office—whether you’re working from home or in a corporate building. This 20 Pound Standard Weight paper is ideal for printers of all types and measures consistently 8.5 x 11 inches. With a smooth finish and consistent, high quality, this paper is also sustainably sourced and Buyer’s Laboratory Certified. It comes to you in three easy-to-store reams.

3. LolliZ Gel Pens 96 Pen Set


Crafters, drafters, teachers, and artists will fall in love with the myriad color options available in this 96-pen set. Each pen has a smooth gel flow that helps you control where and how color is applied, and the set is packaged in special artist trays for supreme ease of access. Whether you’re writing an encouraging note to a student or colleague, creating colorful graphics or adding vivid accents to a project, the specially created and patented colors are just what you need.

4. HP 61 Black Original Ink Cartridge


Professional quality, crisp lettering in black ink always makes documents more attractive and readable. This cartridge provides 190 standard letter-sized pages of print for your everyday office needs, and works with all varieties of printer. Even when colored graphics are included, black ink is the most frequent need of anyone who prints their own documents. With the original cartridge, you’ll have an edge over those that are refilled, because you’ll receive up to twice the print capacity.

5. Prismacolor Premier Soft Core Pencils 48-Pack


When it comes to shading and pigmentation, Prismacolor is a name everyone knows and trusts. These high-quality colored pencils offer a depth of color, with smooth application. A soft, thick core of pigment provides a rich, light-fast application that’s perfect for the artist within all of us. Each of the 48 brilliant colors can be easily blended, is fade-proof and water-resistant, and shades with precision. No matter what your level of expertise is, Prismacolor offers a premium, professional result.

6. Prismacolor Scholar Colored Pencil Sharpener


For every premium colored pencil, there comes a time when it needs to be sharpened. Specially designed to deliver the perfect point to every Scholar colored pencil, this sharpener helps maintain the flow of creativity. Its honed steel blade easily provides consistent, even points, and is simple to clean at day’s end. Don’t let dull pencils inhibit your genius; keep them sharp and ready for work with the Scholar colored pencil sharpener.

7. Brother High-Yield Black Toner Cartridge


Even the most perfect ink needs a toner to match. This Brother black toner cartridge meets the standards of several Brother printer models, and provides the shades of saturated blacks or delicate grays that can enliven black and white graphics. It also comes in a frustration-free package, which will make reloading the toner in your Brother printer easy. This toner will last through 2,600 pages of pie charts, statistics, and text, rendering each letter or image with the same clarity.

8. Smead Manila File Folder with 1/3-Cut Tab


Behold, one of the most overlooked and yet ubiquitous items in any office or study—the Manila File Folder. Without it, our filing system would be lost. Keep things neat and orderly with this number 1 selling file folder. The letter-sized Manila folders have generous tabs for visible labels in assorted positions, so your records will be accessible to you at a glance. Plus, each folder is crafted from 10 percent recycled material, giving your office an eco-edge.

9. Sharpie Fine Point Permanent Markers, 12-pack

91zwUP-9nsL._SL1500_What office or home would be complete without an array of Sharpie markers? This marker is known for its fine, durable point that writes on almost any surface. But they’re also non-toxic. The quick-drying ink won’t smudge, fade, or water stain, and will keep its clarity over time. It’s perfect for marking boxes and files. But this 12-pack is equally useful at home to mark frozen food and childhood memorabilia in storage or to leave bold notes that won’t be missed.

10. Scotch Long Lasting Storage and Packing Tape 4-Pack


Whether at home or in the office, you can never have too many rolls of durable, clear packing tape. Scotch brand is specially designed to resist tearing or splitting and to provide a wrinkle-free, long-lasting seal on all your cartons and boxes. It will keep your cargo safe, whether bound for the storage locker, the garage, or across the country. Its hold stays strong in heat and cold, and meets all U.S. Postal Service code for shipping.

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