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Top 10 Best Cheap Snowmobile Goggles


Snowmobiles are one of the easiest ways to travel in remote areas that receive heavy snowfall during winter. In fact, many of these chilly wonderlands are hotspots for hotels, resorts, and other industries that thrive when snowflakes begin to fall, and where you may be planning your next vacation. That means wearing gear that will protect you from airborne ice crystals, injury, harsh sunlight, and even the subfreezing air, such as snowmobile goggles. How do you discern which products are not only a good deal but well made? There are many goggles available for sale, but there’s a difference between cheaply priced and cheaply made. To assist your search, we’ve put together a list of our 10 favorite products.

1. Zioner X10 Goggles

These check all the essential boxes when it comes to buying goggles. First, the lenses themselves are highly durable, with both shatterproof and scratch resistant guarantees. They’re coated to protect from UV light and tinted to protect your eyes from the lateral angle of sunlight bouncing off snow. They offer a wide field of view, excellent contrast, and are fitted with a comfortable safety band compatible with most types of helmet.

2. Copozz G1 Goggles

Suitable for both men and women, these tinted goggles are ideal for a day out on the snow. Not only are they amber, a color that enhances contrast even in the brightest light conditions, they also protect ocular cells from damage caused by Ultraviolet light. The durable OTG frame and scratch-resistant lenses are held firmly in place by a silicone-lined safety strap that is compatible with most protective headgear. Ventilation helps to refresh the air beneath the lenses while dispersing the moisture-laden, warm air that causes dangerous lens fogging.

3. I/OX Snow Goggles by Smith

The interchangeable lenses come in a variety of color trends, whether iridescent or gray and black scale, they provide optimal contrast for safe snowmobile riding or other winter activities. The dual lens system ensures that fogging will never obscure your vision during vigorous periods of exercise, and ventilation keeps your eyes refreshed by whisking away stale moist air. The ultra-wide silicone-backed safety strap holds the padded, durable frame in place and is compatible with most protective helmets.

4. Chromapop Goggles from Smith

Available in an astonishing array of styles and colors, these goggles will provide you with a full field of vision and protection against the harsh mountain light that reflects from the snowfields. Even as they shield your eyes from the rough, chilled air of your snowmobile adventure, they help to keep your eyes healthy by providing fresh, oxygen-rich air and dispersing the fog-causing moisture of stale air trapped beneath the comfortably padded frames. The extra-wide silicone-backed safety band is easily adjusted with their patented outrigger system, and it works with nearly all helmet types.

5. Smith Cascade Classic Snow Goggles

If you’re planning to hit the slopes or take a trek on a snowmobile this winter, these goggles are ideal. The cylindrical dual-lens design fulfills a variety of purposes. First, the UV-protective coated lenses offer a broad range of vision with contrast-heightening tint. Second, the double lenses and ventilation system prevent condensation produced when your skin warms cold air from becoming a dangerous fog. Even so, it also provides fresh, clean air to keep your eyes from the stress that can accompany too much exposure to oxygen-depleted air. Hypoallergenic foam lines the frames and cushions your face, while a silicone-lined strap keeps the goggles firmly in place.

6. Getaway Goggles by Spy Optic

Flexible and durable polyurethane frames are padded with both foam and fleece to keep you comfortable all day long. The dual lenses are scratch-resistant and coated with UV protectant. They also prevent fogging by helping to cycle air in both directions. Compatible with nearly all safety headgear, the broad, silicone-backed strap keeps your protective goggles in place no matter where the day takes you.

7. Smith Knowledge Turbo Fan Snow Goggles

If you were looking for affordable high-tech goggles, these would be they. Not only are the spherical carbonic-x lenses equipped with TLT optics and superior anti-fogging properties, but there’s also a tiny and powerful fan in the frame. This is ideal for anyone who works up a sweat, even in the snow. The frame is lined for superior comfort with floating foam and secured by an extra-wide safety strap backed with silicone for excellent stability.

8. Base Camp Snow Goggles

These have all the bells and whistles of high-quality goggles—contrast-enhancing tint, anti-fogging ventilated dual lens design, flexibility and durability in the frame, and comfort padding. But they have something that sets them just a bit apart from other great snow goggles, and that’s extra protection against grit- or ice-laden winds. When traveling via snowmobile, airborne debris can be a problem. Ice and geological material both do damage to sensitive membranes and skin, and when moving at any speed, it’s vital to protect these areas of your face.

9. Protective Goggles by MySunTown

The TPU frame is both durable and flexible in the variable temperatures of a winter landscape. Padded with a fleeced foam face barrier, the goggles fit snugly and comfortably for hours of hard outdoor play. Scratch-resistant lenses are specially coated to protect eyes from high-altitude UV light and offer heightened contrast to improve vision. An inner lens prevents condensation fogging even during the most intense activity, and a broad safety strap works with most helmets to provide a comfortable and customizable fit.

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10. Oakley Canopy Snow Goggles

Flexible, shatter-resistant frames are discretely notched at the temples to accommodate most types of corrective lenses beneath the goggles, and an O-Flow Arch at the nasal bridge helps to conform the frames closely for maximum protection against the elements. The lenses themselves are highly scratch-resistant and coated to protect against UVA, UVB, and UVC light at high altitudes. High contrast lenses present the wearer with a color-true, glare-free field of vision, while a specially coated interior lens functions to prevent the obscuring fog of condensation.