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Top 10 Best Women’s Snowshoes


Nothing beats the quiet and beauty of the woods in winter. Snowshoes provide the opportunity to explore without having to post-hole your way through the woods. Choosing a snowshoe that is the right size for your build and has the features you need will ensure a comfortable and fun day in the snow. When choosing the right snowshoe, it is important to think about the types of conditions that you may encounter. Will you be on hard-packed snow or new, soft powder? Do you plan to stay on mostly flat terrain or do you want to climb mountains? These 10 snowshoes will help make your adventure fun.

1. Enkeeo All Terrain Snowshoes

These snowshoes from Enkeeo are perfect for a winter hike in moderate terrain. The upturned heel reduces drag when walking and the heel strap and aluminum crampons provide excellent traction. The boot straps have an easy to adjust ratcheting system to ensure a great fit for any type of boot. The lightweight aluminum frame and included bag make these snowshoes very easy to carry. They come in four sizes to accommodate all users.

2. Wildhorn Sawtooth Snowshoes

These Wildhorn snowshoes have all the features you’ll need for a day in the snow. The ratchet boot straps and heel strap make for a secure fit. Quick release allows you to get out of the snowshoes with ease. The lightweight aluminum frame is perfect for walking in deep powder. The sawtooth crampons provide traction on icy surfaces. The included heel lift engages when you are going uphill and lies flat when not needed. These snowshoes come in two colors and two sizes.

3. Chinook Trekker Snowshoes

With the Trekkers from Chinook, you can enjoy your walk in the snow. The lightweight frames and UV resistant polyethylene decking ensure these snowshoes will last. Ratchet bindings and heel strap with quick release hold your foot securely. The rotating aluminum crampons grip the snow and heel crampons provide extra traction for going downhill. The included carry bag has backpack straps and Velcro pole holders.

4. Alps Adult All Terrain Snowshoes

These ALPS snowshoes provide all-day comfort in the snow. With a lightweight aluminum frame and Nytex decking, these snowshoes are made to last. Molded bindings provide padding at the arch and ball of your feet for extra comfort. The lacing system and easy release buckle make these snowshoes easy to get on and off while providing a secure fit. These shoes come with a carry bag and shock-absorbent trekking poles. They come in three sizes for all types of walkers.

5. 2018 Winterial Snowshoes

These snowshoes from Winterial are made to last. Durable and lightweight frames and decking allow you to tackle all types of terrain and conditions from powder to mountain climbs. Heel bindings provide a boost when climbing hills and crampons give much needed traction. A pair of anti-shock adjustable poles are included for added stability when hiking. These snowshoes come in a wide range of sizes and colors to fit any size and taste.

6. ALPS Extreme Lightweight Adult Snowshoes

These lightweight snowshoes from ALPS can be used in a wide variety of conditions. The aluminum tubing frame and Nytex decking are built for durability. Carbon steel heel and toe crampons provide traction on packed snow for both uphill climbs and downhill descents. The molded binding provides arch and ball support, eliminating pressure points. A secure lacing system and quick release buckles make the snow shoes easy to get on and off. Poles and a carry bag are included.

7. Tubbs Women’s Frontier Snowshoes

These lightweight snowshoes from Tubbs are designed for all day comfort. The lightweight frames make snowshoeing a breeze. The easy to use bindings ensure that your feet stay comfortable and secure all day long. Heel and toe crampons provide grip for going uphill, downhill, or sidehill on packed snow. These snowshoes are designed for an efficient and enjoyable day in the snow.

8. Tubbs Women’s Explore Snowshoe

The Explore snowshoe from Tubbs is the perfect snowshoe for the beginner. Easy to use bindings fit a wide variety of boot types and keep your feet secure all day. A back heel strap is included for extra security going uphill. Toe crampons provide added traction for uphill treks on hard snow and ice. Downhill traction is provided by heel crampons. The Explore snowshoe comes in two sizes for the perfect fit.

9. Yukon Charlie’s Advanced Women’s Snowshoe Kit

The Advanced snowshoe from Yukon Charlie is designed to handle the harshest of winter conditions. The sturdy steel and aluminum frame combined with HDPE decking make this snowshoe glide over even the deepest powder. Fast fit bindings secure any boot type easily. Powder coated steel crampons give the necessary traction for icy conditions. Poles are included for added stability and the included carry bag keeps your snowshoe kit organized and ready to go.

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10. Atlas Snowshoe Company Women’s Rendezvous Elektra

The Rendezvous Elektra snowshoe from Atlas gives you everything you need to stay comfortable all day. The aluminum V-shaped frame with turned up tail provides straight tracking in deep powder. The Strapp binding system provides custom fit with added arch support and a single loop tightener. The LRS suspension system provides cushioning while allowing for natural foot movement. Heel and toe crampons provide added traction on icy terrain.