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Top 10 Best Bike Phone Mounts


By TVR Staff
October 2019

This article reviews the top 10 bike phone mounts available online.

If you’re like many cyclists, you like to take your phone along on rides. If you tuck it inside a pocket in your bike jersey, however, it’s hard to reach — and that’s why a phone mount is so handy. These mounts fasten to the front of your bike frame, so you can see the screen. That way, you can follow directions for a new route or keep an eye out for an important call or text. Plus since, the phone is clearly visible, you can keep your hands on the handlebars for better control and safety. As you look at different models, be sure to choose one that’s right for your bike frame, style, and the conditions in which you’re planning to ride.

1. Opamoo Bike Phone Front Frame Bag

Opamoo Best  Bike Phone Mount Front Frame Bag

Do you like to switch between different bikes throughout the week? This Opamoo phone holder can make that transition fast and easy. It fastens to the frame of your bike using three hook-and-loop straps, so you can move it easily. Slip your phone inside the protective cover; it’s touch sensitive, so it enables you to operate the screen while protecting the device from rain. The included sun visor increases visibility in bright conditions, and reflective strips on either side helps drivers see you coming.

2. SKYWING Quick Release Bike Phone Mount

SKYWING Quick Release Best Bike Phone Mount

Keep an eye on your phone while you ride with the help of this SKYWING mount. It features a sturdy clamp that fastens to your handlebar; simply turn the knob to create a tight fit. Thick rubber straps pull up and over the edges of your phone to hold it in place. Since the straps are stretchy, they adjust to fit any type of device. A back panel snaps in and out easily, so you can remove your phone easily to take a closer look.

3. AmazonBasics Universal Bike Phone Mount

AmazonBasics Universal Best Bike Phone Mount 

Install your phone anywhere that’s convenient with this AmazonBasics mount. The back panel features an adjustable clamp; to tighten the jaws, simply turn the dial. A large phone bracket provides a stable surface for the phone, and two side pressure clips prevent it from slipping out while you ride. For extra protection, four elastic loops stretch around the corners of your device.

4. Bovon Bike Phone Mount

Bovon Best Bike Phone Mount

Simple and lightweight, this Bovon phone mount is easy to install. Simply wrap the strap around your handlebar and snap it in place. Then, use the four elastic corner bands to secure your device. The stretchy rubber is gentle on your phone screen and case, so you don’t need to worry about scratches. The mount itself is made from silicone, which grips the handlebar and prevents the mount from turning as you ride over bumpy paths.

5. STOON Bike Phone Mount

STOON Best Bike Phone Mount

Are you planning to ride down singletrack or over rough roads? This STOON bike mount provides the stability you need. The magic starts with the sturdy clamp, which tightens snugly with just a few turns of the knob. Use the back dials to customize the angle and position of your phone to create a comfortable viewing angle. Four corner panels hold your phone securely, and the soft lining protects the delicate edges.

6. Homeasy Universal Bike Phone Mount

Homeasy Universal Best Bike Phone Mount

When you’re taking gentle rides to work or long training sessions, this Homeasy phone mount has you covered. It’s designed with a drop-in frame, so you can slide your phone in and out quickly. A curved arm holds the mount away from the handlebar, and the rotating base makes it easy to choose the correct viewing angle for any riding position. Made from durable, lightweight materials, this mount provides ample protection. Rely on the soft foam clamp lining to prevent slipping.

7. Wallfire Bike Phone Mount Bag

Wallfire Best Bike Phone Mount Bag

Do you ride in a wide range of weather conditions? Head straight for this Wallfire phone mount bag. The base consists of a sturdy bike bag that fastens to the frame with hook-and-loop straps. Inside, there’s plenty of storage for small items like keys and cash. Zip your phone into the waterproof holder and rely on the clear protector to enable effortless touchscreen operation. Plus, with the reflective strips on the sides, you’ll be more visible to passing cars.

8. QMEET Bike Phone Mount

QMEET Best Bike Phone Mount

Hold your phone at any angle using this QMEET phone mount. The round clamp on the back fastens to a handlebar, and the adjustable design changes to fit any type of bike — no tools required. We love the four arms, which provide plenty of support as you ride over bumpy terrain. With the back dial, you can create a firm hold on any standard device. This mount offers a 360-degree rotation for clear viewing.

9. Visnfa Bike Phone Mount

Visnfa Best Bike Phone Mount

Sturdy and stable, this visnfa bike mount is designed to stay in place during any type of riding. The secret is the three layers of foam that line the clamp; they provide a secure hold on your handlebars. Four support corners fit neatly around your phone for a secure, slip-free fit. The universal design fits any type of phone, and the one-way lock is a breeze to operate.

10. TaoTronics Bike Phone Mount

TaoTronics Best Bike Phone Mount

Phones are expensive — that’s why this TaoTronics bike mount is built with extra protection. A silicone pad sits between the mount and the back of the phone for shock-absorption, and side clips and a stretchy rubber net secures the device. Each of these materials is soft and gentle, so they’re easy on your device’s delicate exterior. Rely on the adjustable clamp to create the right fit.

Whether you’re trying out a new training route or you simply want to stay connected while you ride, a phone mount can be a big help. With these durable and convenient options, you can keep your phone visible and easy to reach during long or short trips.

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