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Top 10 Best Women’s Road Bike Saddles


By TVR Staff
August 2019

This article reviews the top 10 best women’s road bike saddles available online.

It goes without saying that no two women are built the same, and no one road bike saddle will work for everyone. There are thousands of saddles to choose from, which ultimately makes selecting the best one for you an ongoing process. If you choose a saddle that fails to mesh well with your body, not only do you risk a ruined day out on your bike, but buying the wrong product might even cause imbalances and injuries down the road. To avoid this, check out our list of the top 10 best women’s road bike saddles.

1. Bikeroo Padded Bicycle Saddle With Soft Cushion

Bikeroo Best Women's Road Bike Saddles

The Bikeroo padded bicycle saddle is considered one of the most comfortable bike seats available today. With its dual-spring suspension and thick padding, the wide saddle design is built for the anatomy of a woman. Measuring 10.2 inches by 7.8 inches, the padding is made of soft yet sturdy foam. Upgrade your ride quality with its easy-to-mount, universal fit suitable for most bikes, including road city bikes, mountain bikes, cruisers, and stationary or hybrid exercise bikes. The package includes a saddle adapter, mounting instructions, mounting tools, and a waterproof rain cover.

2. SGODDE Gel Waterproof Bicycle Saddle

SGODDE Best Women's Road Bike Saddles 

Made of high-quality foam and gel padding, the SGODDE bicycle saddle is also waterproof! Featuring an anatomically supportive design with streamlined, narrow front sides, this product helps to evenly distribute pressure from your back across the surface of the saddle, thus reducing, or even eliminating, bone pain. Reflective stripes are located on the back to help protect night riders. Although this product is made of wear-resistant and anti-scratch material, it does come with a one-year warranty — just in case.

3. Pioneeryao Professional Gel Bike Saddle

Pioneeryao Best Women's Road Bike Saddles 

Weighing in at less than one pound, the Pioneeryao professional gel bike saddle is a top-rated bike seat made of smooth, anti-scratch, microfiber artificial leather. High-density foam padding and a flexible base provide maximum support and comfort. Its ergonomic, breathable design includes a middle cutout that helps to increase air circulation and reduce riding pressure, allowing you to ride more comfortably for longer periods of time. A one-year warranty is included with your purchase.

4. RockBros Mountain Road Bike Seat

RockBros Best Women's Road Bike Saddles 

Available in three colors, including all black, black and red, and black and white, the RockBros road bike saddle features a shock-proof, chrome steel rail that provides support for those rough roads. Ergonomic in design, the middle of the seat is hollow, allowing for greater breathability and maximum comfort. The surface itself is comprised of ultra-fiber, wear-resistant, waterproof leather. Suitable for a range of bikes, including mountain bikes and road bikes, this 8.5-ounce model is a fantastic option for women.

5. Serfas Dual-Density Women’s Bicycle Saddle With Cutout

Serfas Best Women's Road Bike Saddles 

Perfecting an enjoyable ride since 1998, Serfas is a top brand known for high-quality road bike saddles. The dual-density women’s saddle features a patented Infinite Comfort System that includes four-layers: a soft, flexible rubber layer underneath the sit bones, two layers of firm and soft closed-foam cells for a plush feel and increased shock resistance, and a top reactive gel layer to help reduce abrasion and friction in sensitive areas. The saddle is covered with a four-way Lycra material for ultimate comfort.

6. SGODDE Gel Waterproof Bicycle Saddle With Central Relief Zone

SGODDE Best Women's Road Bike Saddles 

Recognized as one of the most comfortable bicycle saddles for women, this SGODDE bike seat features a fixed mount-suspension, artificial fatty gel, waterproof PU leather, and a breathable, ergonomic design that reduces friction and pressure while increasing shock absorption. Easy to assemble and manufactured to fit most bikes, this 10.5-ounce bicycle saddle is suitable for women of all sizes riding on a variety of terrains.

7. Selle Royal Women’s Respiro Moderate MTB/Road Bicycle Saddle

Selle Royal Best Women's Road Bike Saddles 

The Selle Royal Respiro bicycle saddle for women is designed with a unique tridimensional gel structure, “Royalgel.” This feature guarantees the highest level of comfort by reducing pressure peaks by 40 percent compared to other types of padding. The Respiro line boasts a unique ventilation channel that provides high respiration while simultaneously relieving pressure on the rider’s perineal area. The product also features a water-resistant cover that reflects sunlight and keeps the rider cool as well as a patented clip system at the rear of the saddle that can carry a bag or other accessory.

8. Planet Bike A.R.S. Standard Bike Seat for Women

Planet Bike Best Women's Road Bike Saddles 

Weighing in at 14 ounces, the Planet Bike A.R.S. bike seat for women features sit-bone gel pads as well as foam padding to help relieve pressure, keeping riders happy in the saddle on their all-day excursions. The full length of the seat is cut out for anatomic relief, and its unique design keeps riders cooler in spots that need to be able to breathe. Although it can be used on a variety of bikes, most riders prefer to use it in an upright position.

9. Bluewind Bike Seat

Bluewind Best Women's Road Bike Saddles 

Available in black, blue, green, and red, the Bluewind bike seat is made of high-quality, super-comfortable, high-density memory foam and durable waterproof leather. Featuring an ergonomic design, the front part of the seat is a half-inch narrower than traditional saddles, meaning you are less likely to experience the dreaded thigh-rubbing. This particular model is suitable for electric, cruiser, road, exercise, spinning, and mountain bikes. The product comes with a reflective armband as well as two mounting tools.

10. West Biking Ultralight Bike Saddle

West Biking Best Women's Road Bike Saddles 

The West Biking Ultralight Bike Saddle is available in six colors and is ideal for touring, trekking, and other types of biking excursions. Designed to support different stress points, the frame and rails are manufactured from hardened black steel, and the product fits your hips without comprising leg movement. The gel padding supports sit-bones when upright while also providing excellent support when racing. With plenty of support, loads of comfort, and no numbness, this seat is sure to draw some envious looks. Both racers and recreational riders give this road bike saddle a thumbs-up.

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