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10 Best College Student Gifts 2017


Sending your child off to college for the first time can be exciting, but it can make you nervous at the same time. As much as you want that baby bird to leave the nest, you worry about what decisions your child will make while out on his or her own. With the right gifts, you can feel a little more confident when you say goodbye. Those gifts are suitable for guys and gals and let them know you care. Check out the best college student gifts for your kids as well as other family members and friends heading off to school this year.

1. Healthy College Care Package


If you worry that your college kid will turn to fatty and sugar snacks and pack on the freshmen 15 or more, send this Healthy College Care Package. Designed specifically for college student, this pack features snacks that taste delicious but are healthier for them. It’s a good choice for anytime of the year but especially great around midterms and finals. The package comes with an assortment of 20 different snacks that include fig bars, granola bars, treats made from real fruits, popcorn and more in individual servings.

2. Rapid Ramen Cooker


It’s almost impossible to think of a dorm room without thinking of ramen noodles. While college kids love these noodles, they often hate how long it takes to cook a pack. With the Rapid Ramen Cooker, you can help them make a snack or a meal faster than ever. This little cooker lets them cook all their favorite noodles in just three minutes, which is half as long as it usually takes. Make sure that your college student has a microwave in his or her dorm room or access to one first.

3. Canvas Laundry Bag


Going away to college is the first chance that some teenagers have to be independent and do things for themselves. If your college student is still uncertain of doing his or her own laundry, that student will get a kick out of this bag. It features a drawstring on top that makes it easy to fill to the top and a handle that goes over the shoulder for easily carrying it to the laundry room. The bag also has easy to follow directions for doing laundry printed right across the front.

4. LapGear MyDesk 45348 Black


No one wants to sit at a desk and do homework all night, which is why this LapGear MyDesk 45348 in Black is a good gift for any college student. This desk has a flat surface that is large enough for holding a textbook and other supplies, but it comes with a curved edge that wraps around the student’s stomach. Storage areas on the top can hold a phone, calculator and other supplies. The desk also has a padded area on the bottom that keeps the desk from rubbing uncomfortably against his or her legs.

5. SABRE Red Kuros! Pepper Spray


Keep your college student safer than ever before with this pepper spray from SABRE. It comes attached to a keychain that lets your student carry it with his or her keys, but those keys snap right off in seconds too. The pepper spray has a curved design that mimics the shape of the human hand for added comfort and a bright aqua color that will make kids want to carry it.

6. Magnetic Poetry – College Kit


No dorm room is complete with a dorm refrigerator, and the residents of that dorm room will get a kick out of this magnetic poetry kit designed just for them. This kit comes with more than 200 little magnets that feature individual words like party, education, drink, women, library, computer and professor. The magnets go on and off the refrigerator with ease. They can make their own poems and even leave notes for their roommates.

7. Savvy InfusionĀ® Water Bottle


Make sure your college students drinks as much water as possible with the gift of this water bottle. Though it looks like a standard reusable water bottle, it comes with a separate piece that fits inside for infusing the water with fresh fruits or other flavorings. Available in multiple colors, the water bottle has a simple carrying handle on top and works with any type of flat or sparkling water as well as lemonade and other drinks.

8. Rustic Town Canvas Messenger Bag


With this stylish messenger bag, any college student can carry textbooks and supplies to class while looking great and feeling comfortable. The bag features leather straps that keep the bag from accidentally opening and a long strap for carrying. Pockets on the front give students storage for notepads, pens and other smaller supplies, but the inside of the bag is large enough for textbooks and most laptops.

9. DormDoc 2.0 125 Piece First Aid/OTC Med Kit for Students


Make sure your college kid knows what to do in case of an emergency with this first aid kit designed just for students. Though it’s small enough that it won’t take up a lot of space in a dorm room, it comes packed with supplies that they can use to treat themselves and their friends. Not only does it come with bandages and cough drops, but it also features supplies for burns and other emergencies.

10. ECR4Kids Lock and Roll Portable Under-Bed Personal Safe


Though college students usually do not have a lot of valuables, this bed gives them a safe place to put their most valuable and treasured belongings. Designed to fit underneath any standard dorm bed, this safe comes with wheels that help students pull it out and slide it back under. It comes with a standard locking mechanism, a key that opens the lock and supplies for locking the safe to the bed.

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