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Best Prices on Q-Tips Online 2017


Q-Tips, also called cotton swabs, are handy for a number of jobs around the house. These little swabs are great for applying makeup, taking off makeup at the end of the night and touching up your makeup. You can also use one to clean your computer keyboard and put antiseptic lotion on an open wound. Some even use the swabs when treating their pets’ injuries or cleaning the outside of their pets’ ears and under their pets’ eyes. Instead of spending a lot of money on cotton swabs you buy in a local store, find the best prices on Q-Tips online.

1. Q-Tips Cotton Swabs, 500 ct


With a cut-out area on the back of the box, these Q-Tips are easy to access and pull out, but you can also bend the back flat to keep the swabs from spilling out. These Q-Tips feature a thicker center stick that won’t bend as you use one and thick pieces of cotton on either end that are suitable for a number of different jobs. As the box comes with 500 swabs, you’ll never run out.

2. Swisspers Premium 100% Cotton Swabs – Leopard Print Paper Sticks, 300 Count


Why settle for ordinary white cotton swabs, when you can pick these swabs that come with a leopard print stick in the center? That stick has such a fun design that you might want to show off the swabs and stash a few in your bag before a night out on the town. Designed for makeup and beauty applications, these swabs come in a box that you can seal shut for cleanliness and safety.

3. Q-Tips Cotton Swabs, Baby 170 count


Traditional cotton swabs are a little too rough for use on babies, which is why you can now buy these Q-Tips designed specifically for babies. The cotton pieces are soft enough that they won’t irritate a baby’s skin, and the stick is flexible to keep the swabs from poking kids. These cotton swabs are also strong enough for arts and crafts projects and all the other things that older kids might like to do.

4. Q-Tips Cotton Swabs, Precision Tip 170 count


Whether you need to remove that nail polish that you smudged on your fingers, or you want to apply shadow to your eyes, you’ll love these precision tip cotton swabs. Unlike the rounded cotton tips used on other swabs, these swabs feature an angled tip that goes exactly where you want it to go. The swabs also have a stick that is both rigid and flexible for cleaning your computer keyboard and taking care of other jobs around the house.

5. Johnson & Johnson Johnsons Safety Swabs 55 Count Peg


Using Q-Tips to clean your ears is potentially dangerous because you can force wax further into your ear canal, but these safety swabs have a unique design that ensures you keep your ears clean. Safe enough to use on both kids and adults, these swabs have a tip that allows you to clean around the outside edge of your ear without forcing the wax deep inside. You get four packages of 55 swabs each in this set.

6. 200 Count 6″ Cotton Swabs with Wooden Handles Cotton Tipped Applicator


When you need to care for yourself or a loved one after an injury, you may prefer using cotton swabs like these, which are exactly like those found in doctors’ offices. Each one comes with a longer wood stick that allows you to get as close to a spot as you need and a cotton swab on just one end. With 200 six-inch long wood cotton swabs included in each package, you can treat all types of injuries.

7. Cotton Tipped Applicators, 1000-6inch


These non-sterile applicators with cotton tips are great for a variety of projects. The box has a lid that lifts open to let you pull out the right number of applicators for the job, but you can then seal that lid to block out dust and bugs. Each applicators is six-inches long, and each one has a wood stick that won’t bend or break as you use one of the swabs.

8. Q-Tips Cotton Swabs, 2000 count


The classic Q-Tips that you love are now available in a larger package that comes with 2,000 of those swabs. You can keep one of the four included boxes in each bathroom and bedroom, or you can divide up the boxes for arts and crafts projects, makeup application and other uses. The swabs feature flexible sticks and thick cotton on each end. Buying cotton swabs in bulk via a package like this can help you save in the long run.

9. Q-Tips Cott Swabs Flex, 2 Pack of 500


Made entirely of cotton, these swabs do not contain any of the fillers that others do. Each end features more cotton than other swabs do, and both sides have a rounded tip that surround the stick. That stick has a more flexible design that allows the swab to go where you need it to and to ensure that the stick never breaks or snaps while using one.

10. Q-Tips Cotton Swabs Purse Pack For Makeup Application


The same company that makes all the Q-Tips that you love now makes this set, which comes in a small package designed for storing in your purse or bag. That package opens quickly but snaps closed to keep the swabs from falling into your bag. Designed for use with makeup and beauty products, these swabs make it easy to touch up your makeup at work, a restaurant or anywhere else you might go.

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