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Best Prices on Toilet Paper Online


It often seems like everyone has a preference when it comes to toilet paper. Once you find a brand that feels soft and smooth and won’t leave behind any residue, you have a hard time even experimenting with any other brand. When your favorite type of toilet paper rises in price though, you may find yourself waiting for sales to stock up or scouring the newspaper for coupons. The web helps you save money and lets you skip the line at the grocery store. Once you find the best prices on toilet paper online, you’ll never again buy TP at the supermarket.

1. Angel Soft Toilet Paper


With 12 double rolls included in the package, this set of Angel Soft toilet paper is equivalent to 24 rolls of other leading brands. Each roll has 264 sheets that are strong enough for most bathroom applications but so soft that the sheets won’t irritate your skin. This is also a two-ply toilet paper that is unscented. As it’s safe for all septic systems, you can flush this TP without any worries.

2. Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper


Buying cheap toilet paper is like throwing away money because you need to use so many sheets, but this Charmin Ultra Strong is a two-ply toilet paper that lets you use fewer sheets each time you flush. Approved by Roto-Rooter because it does not cause clogs in plumbing lines, this TP is also safe for septic tanks. The six rolls, which each have more than 300 sheets, in this set are equivalent to 24 rolls of other toilet papers.

3. Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper


Charmin also makes Ultra Soft TP for those who want toilet paper that feels more like fabric or linen than scratchy paper. This TP actually has specially designed patterns across the front that increase the softness and pull more dirt or waste away from your body with each swipe. As it is 75% more absorbent than other toilet paper, you can use up to four times less paper each time that you use the bathroom.

4. Cottonelle Clean Care Big Roll Toilet Paper


Cottonelle designed its Clean Care toilet paper for those who want to leave the bathroom feeling cleaner than when they entered. The clean ripple technology used by the company puts small ripples across the surface of the paper that remove as much waste and dirt as possible. This big set comes with 12 rolls of toilet paper that each have 150 sheets, which is like using 18 regular rolls of TP, and it fits all standard toilet paper stands.

5. Scott Extra Soft Toilet Paper


While many toilet papers today are soft, Scott designed this toilet paper to be extra soft, which means that it will not irritate or harm your skin, no matter how many sheets you use at one time. The two-ply sheets are unscented and safe for both septic tanks and sewer lines because the TP will not clog those lines or systems. It is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council because the paper comes from safe sources too.

6. Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong Toilet Paper


Quilted Northern makes this Ultra Soft & Strong toilet paper for those who do not want to choose between TP that is either strong or soft. Its clean stretch technology features carefully designed raised patterns and textures across the surface that actually stretch as you use the paper and remove more waste with a single pass. The 12 rolls that come in this package are equivalent to 24 other rolls and will last longer in your bathroom.

7. Angel Soft Toilet Paper, 48 Double Rolls


You will often find the best prices on toilet paper online when you buy in bulk and purchase a package like this one from Angel Soft, which comes with 48 double rolls that offer as much help as 96 rolls from another brand would. The set comes in an easy opening box with four packages of 12 rolls each inside, which lets you store the paper easily and separate the rolls for use in different bathrooms.

8. Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Double Rolls Toilet Paper, 48 Count


Quilted Northern offers this set of Ultra Plus double rolls for those who want to stock up and homes that use a lot of toilet paper. Each of the four packages comes with 12 rolls of three-ply toilet paper that have 165 sheets on each roll. That three-ply toilet paper feels as soft as cloth on your bottom. This unscented toilet paper is flushable and safe for use in sewer systems and septic tanks.

9. Scott Tube-Free Toilet Paper


Most toilet paper manufacturers include a cardboard roll inside the sheets, but Scott offers this tube-free toilet paper for those who want to produce less waste. The paper comes compressed in a roll that holds its shape until you use the less sheet and does not have any cardboard to throw away at the end. Since each roll has 275 sheets, Scott calls this its family paper and recommends using it in more active homes.

10. Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper


The 48 double rolls of toilet paper that come in this set are equivalent to 96 rolls from other companies. Charmin guarantees that this paper is both soft and strong to help you clean yourself without your hands breaking through the paper. Roto-Rooter approval lets you know that this paper will not clog your system and that you can safely use it with either a specific tank or sewer system. It is four times as strong as other brands and lasts longer when wet too.

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