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Top 10 Best Reflective Vests for Men


By TVR Staff
November 2019

This article reviews the top 10 best reflective vests for men available online.

When you’re exercising or working outdoors, it’s crucial to stay visible to passing motorists. That’s where reflective vests come in — designed with brilliant colors and reflective strips, these vests help drivers see you in a wide range of lighting conditions. The more visible you are, the easier it is to be safe. The trick to finding the right vest is to figure out when you’ll be wearing it. If you’re running, a lighter vest can increase safety without weighing you down. When you’re working next to the road in the winter, look for a looser-fitting vest that can fit over a bulky jacket. No matter what your plans, it’s always a good idea to opt for an adjustable vest for the best possible fit in all situations.

1. Flectson Reflective Vest for Running or Cycling

Flectson Reflective Vest for Men Running or Cycling

With its low-profile design, this Flectson vest is the perfect option for working out. It dips in at the sides, so you can move your upper body freely when you’re running or biking. During the day, the bright yellow color helps drivers see you from a long way off; as the sun sets, the reflective strips shine dramatically in the glow from street lights or headlights. A convenient pocket keeps your phone safe, and the adjustable sides help you get the perfect fit.

2. Neiko High Visibility Safety Vest

Neiko High Visibility Safety Vest for Men

When you’re on a job site, this Neiko 53941A vest is a must. It’s designed to ANSI/ ISEA 107-2010 Class 2 standards, making it a good option for construction sites or biking. The vest itself is constructed from fluorescent yellow material that’s easy to spot from a distance. Reflective strips run across the front and back for safety, even in low light. With its front zipper, this vest stays firmly closed even as you bend.

3. G & F Industrial Safety Vest

G & F Industrial Safety Vest for Men

Designed with both neon orange and yellow, this G & F 41113 safety vest is a good choice for professional settings; it’s designed to meet both ANSI and ISEA standards. Two silver stripes run down the front and the back for extra visibility in bright and low light. The thing that sets this vest apart? The design. The front is open, giving you plenty of room to fit it over outerwear. A single strip secures the sides, enabling you to move with ease.

4. PeerBasics Yellow Safety Vest

PeerBasics Yellow Safety Vest for Men

With its vibrant yellow color, this PeerBasics vest is designed to keep you safe in a variety of settings. The 360-degree reflective strips increase visibility, whether you’re in direct sunlight or working after dark. We love that this vest is made from mesh material; it allows air to flow through and helps you stay cool on hot days or during a workout. Keep in mind that this vest comes in a single large size that fits effortlessly over a range of clothing.

5. JKSafety Class 2 High Visibility Vest

JKSafety Class 2 High Visibility Vest for Men

Do you need a vest for an industrial facility or a job site? This JKSafety model fits the bill. It’s made with a Class 2 design and meets ANSI/ISEA standards. The front of the vest features nine pockets, giving you plenty of room to store pens and other supplies. There’s even a clear pocket to keep your ID safe and easily visible. The zip-up front keeps this vest closed, even in high-activity areas or in windy conditions.

6. Kolossus Deluxe High Visibility Vest

Kolossus Deluxe High Visibility Vest for Men

Do you work in a harsh environment? This Kolossus Deluxe vest can help you stay safe. It all starts with the heavy duty material, which is tough enough to stand up to frequent use. Mesh panels help keep you cool and dry, and the built-in pockets make the perfect place for keys and other supplies. Reflective strips provide high visibility at night, and the orange and yellow accents stand out during the day.

7. G & F Industrial Safety Vest

G & F Industrial Safety Vest for Men

When it comes to visibility, it’s hard to beat this G & F 41112 safety vest. It comes in a neon lime green color accented with neon orange stripes, so it’s a breeze for drivers to spot you on a job site or the side of the road. Large metallic stripes reflect the sunlight and the glow from headlights for extra safety. We love the open front and loose fit, which allow you to move comfortably.

8. GripGlo Reflective Safety Vest

GripGlo Reflective Safety Vest for Men

Simple and easy to wear, this GripGlo safety vest is a great option for a range of activities. It all starts with the zip front, which stays closed when you’re riding a bike or working on a construction site. Horizontal and vertical reflective stripes make you more visible — not to mention the neon yellow and orange accents. The best part? This vest is compliant with ANSI/ISEA 107-2010 Class 2/Level 2 standards.

9. Tarvol Safety Reflective Vest

Tarvol Safety Reflective Vest for Men

If you work outside in the sunshine, this Tarvol safety vest is a convenient way to stay covered. It’s fabricated from mesh material to allow cooling airflow without compromising safety. The brilliant neon yellow color and two reflective grey stripes ensure visibility, no matter where and when you’re working. We like the one-size-fits-all design and the open front, which keep you comfortable and flexible.

10. SIFE Reflective Vest


SIFE Reflective Vest for Men

Outfit your entire team with this pack of 10 SIFE vests. Each one features an oversized design to fit a wide range of body types; the front is open to accommodate all of your workers. Plus, with the elastic sides, there’s even more stretch. The high-density mesh keeps you dry, and the neon orange and yellow color scheme helps your team stay safe.

Whether you’re running or working on a job site, a reflective vest is an essential piece of safety gear. A bright, high-visibility model makes it easy for motorists and bikers to see you, so you can avoid accidents.

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