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Top 10 Best Reflective Vests for Women


By TVR Staff
October 2019

They article review the top 10 best reflective vests for women available online.

When you’re jogging or working in a busy area, a reflective vest is an essential piece of safety equipment. These vests are made with reflective elements that shine brightly any time the light hits them — that means that you’re more visible to drivers, bikers, or other pedestrians. The trick is to find the vest that’s the best fit for your preferences and your activities. If you’re a runner, for example, you’ll probably want a minimalist vest that won’t get in the way. For general outdoor work, a full-coverage vest can keep you warm and safe.

1. G & F Industrial Safety Vest


Reflective Vests for Women

Made from neon lime material, the G & F 41112 industrial safety vest is designed for visibility. The contrasting orange stripes add extra color, and the reflective stripes shine dramatically to help drivers see you in all lighting conditions. The mesh fabric allows airflow to keep you cool and dry on hot days, and the adjustable side straps enable you to slip the vest over outerwear when it’s cold outside. This vest is made to meet ANSI and ISEA standards, so you can wear it to stay safe on a range of jobs.

2. Reflective Vest for Running or Cycling


Reflective Vest for Running or Cycling for Women

Hit the road safely in this reflective vest from Flectston. It features a contoured design that cuts in at the sides, leaving your arms free to move. The front zip pocket provides space for your phone or keys, and the adjustable sides enable you to create a snug fit. Made from neon polyester mesh accented with reflective panels, this vest boosts visibility when you’re running, biking, or walking.

3. Reflective Night Running Vest

Reflective Night Running Vest for Women

Do you like minimalist gear when you run? This reflective vest has you covered. It’s made entirely of elastic knitted straps, so it fits close to your body to avoid loose pieces. You’ll also find four adjustable buckles for a comfortable fit. Along each strap, there’s an ultra-bright reflective stripe that’s visible up to 500 yards away. Slip this vest on during a nighttime run, or wear it during the day to stay safe on busy roads.

4. EvoLike Premium Reflective Vest

EvoLike Premium Reflective Vest for Women

Slim and lightweight, this EvoLike vest will make you forget you’re wearing it. It’s made from EvoClimate fabric, which is breathable and designed to keep you comfortable during long runs or bike rides. With its roomy fit and adjustable sides, this vest slips comfortably over running clothes or outerwear. The high-visibility reflective strips keep you safe, and the included reflective slap bands and hook and loop straps add an extra burst of shine.

5. KwikSafety First Lady Safety Vest for Women

KwikSafety First Lady Reflective Vests for Women

Stay safe when you’re working in a dark area with this KwikSafety First Lady vest. This OSHA-approved vest features a nipped-in waist and an elastic hem that create a flattering, feminine fit — that way, you can feel great while you work. The brilliant color ensures daytime visibility, and the reflective stripes keep you safe after dark. You can even customize this vest with your company’s logo for a more professional look at special events. Front pockets provide an easy-access spot for your phone and gear.

6. JKSafety Class 2 Safety Vest

JKSafety Class 2 Reflective Safety Vest for Women

Simple and versatile, this JKSafety Class 2 vest is perfect for crossing guards, parking attendants, or special-event staff. The full-coverage design comes in a bright color accented with bright 2-inch reflective strips for visibility. It’s ANSI/ISEA 107 Class 2 Type R compatible, so you can use it on the job with confidence. Print your company’s name on the back, and use the clear front pocket to display your ID. With multiple front pockets, this vest keeps essential supplies in easy reach.

7. Large Pink Safety Vest For Women

Large Pink Reflective Vest For Women

Help drivers and bikers see you with this brilliant pink safety vest from Hivizi. The full-torso design fits over street clothes or outerwear, so you can wear it any time of the year. Wide reflective stripes run vertically and horizontally across the fabric for extra visibility in all lighting conditions; they also cover the back for 360-degree effectiveness. With seven pockets on the front, this vest provides room for radios, phones, and other gear.

8. HiVisible Reflective Vest

HiVisible Reflective Vest for Women

This HiVisible vest strikes the perfect balance between visibility and weight. Made from colorful mesh with thick reflective stripes, this vest keeps you visible in all types of conditions. In fact, during low-light conditions, it’s visible from 800 feet away — wear it while you’re running, walking, biking, or even riding a motorcycle. Use the adjustable straps to create the right fit for any activity.

9. Tuvizo Reflective Safety Vest

Tuvizo Reflective Safety Vest for Women

Reduce bulk while you workout with this Tuvizo safety vest. It’s made with a simple strap design that’s light and easy to wear. Adjust both the shoulder straps and the waist belt with the included buckles; that way, you can achieve a snug fit and prevent the straps from jiggling as you run. Choose from two different colors, each lined with reflective material.

10. 247 Viz Reflective Running Vest

247 Viz Reflective Running Vest for Women

Stay cool while you exercise with this 247 Viz running vest. It’s made from mesh, so it doesn’t trap in sweat on hot days. The waist features adjustable straps to enable a tight fit, and the pocket-free design reduces weight — in fact, you’ll forget that you have it on. With its brilliant colors and reflective strips, this vest helps you stay visible from all angles, in all types of weather and lighting conditions.

Reflective vests increase visibility when you’re working out or doing tasks in busy outdoor areas. By finding the right vest for your lifestyle and activities, you can feel comfortable and safe.

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