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Top 10 Best Cycling Gloves for Men


By TVR Staff
December 2019

This article reviews the top 10 best cycling gloves for men available online.

There are many types of gloves out there that serve many, special purposes. Men’s cycling gloves represent one, very specific glove type within the sporting category. There are a number of makes and models to choose from when it comes to men’s cycling gloves, and there are also a number of unique, determining factors as to which of these makes and models win the day and which are flops. Factors such as seam strength relative to cycling wear, overall durability, grip and slip attributes, breathability, washability, moisture-wicking traits, and even the almighty, overall bang-per-buck factor should all carefully be considered. Follow along as we reveal our research-based list of the top 10 best cycling gloves for men available for purchase right now.

1. Lanyi Compression Running Sports Gloves

Lanyi Compression Running Sports Cycling Gloves for Men

For anyone looking for compression comfort in the form of a running and cycling glove, Lanyi’s compression running sports gloves are a great pick. This set is lightweight yet a great winter protectant that even allows for flawless touchscreen operations. Unlimited customer service and a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee also come standard assuring every buyer of the integrity of their purchase.

2. Nice Win Full-Finger Cycling Gloves

Nice Win Full-Finger Men's Cycling Gloves

Nice win’s full-finger cycling gloves performed very well for us with lots of rugged testing. They maintain solid grip, endure vigorous use, stay fit to the position you choose, and provide great, breathable comfort. This set also heartily passes the touchscreen test while simultaneously providing a formidable thermal barrier for the user.

3. Inbike Cycling Gloves for Men

Inbike Cycling Gloves for Men

This men’s set of cycling gloves by Inbike is quite possibly our favorite for all it provides at such a reasonable price-point. Buyers of this pair will enjoy plenty of gelled cushioning for those long, straining trips, reflective ribbons, great thermal protection, and fail-safe touchscreen operability. Even better, this great design is definitely aesthetically stylish. Inbike can also be contacted and works closely with its customers in any cases of dissatisfaction.

4. Gearonic Shockproof Gloves

Gearonic Shockproof Men's Cycling Gloves

Gearonic really does men’s cycling gloves right with its shockproof set for men. High-quality mesh materials and a stay-put adjustment band don’t disappoint, while breathability and overall grip also exceed expectations in this great set of cycling gloves. As their name suggests, this set is also quite shockproof, really helping to stave off hand-fatigue, tingling, and pain not so properly addressed by many, other, competing glove models.

5. Inbike Men’s Touchscreen Winter Bike Gloves

Inbike Men's Touchscreen Winter Cycling Gloves

Black with handsome, blue and white accents, Inbike’s men’s touchscreen winter bike gloves look, feel, and perform very well. These waterproof workers are 90 percent polyester, 7 percent percent microfiber leather, and 3 percent nylon and feature gel-palms for extra grip and shock absorption. The wearer ultimately experiences an all-weather cycling glove that does not disappoint in any area. As with other Inbike cycling accessories, the company can also be contacted for service help should any issues arise with this cycling glove set.

6. Htzploo Fingerless Biking Gloves

Htzploo Fingerless Men's Cycling Gloves

This set of fingerless biking gloves by Htzploo is a real winner for the fingerless glove enthusiast. Shock and grip issues are a thing of the past when biking around with these padded polyester-nylon hybrids. We also really liked the durability posed by this set in addition to its strong removal loops, perfect for removing the gloves without turning them inside out or experiencing loop failure.

7. LuxoBike Padded Cycling Gloves

LuxoBike Padded Men's Cycling Gloves

The padded cycling gloves set by LuxoBike certainly deserves a spot on our list for its overall bang-per-buck measures. These great grippers hold tight at the handle while also holding firmly at the wearer’s wrist, palm, and fingers. LuxoBike certainly designed these with a material mixture that is very breathable, comfortable, and durable. The set’s quality removal-loop system and thumb towel wipes earn it even more points with us.

8. Inbike Men’s Mountain Bike Cycling Gloves

Inbike Men's Mountain Bike Cycling Gloves

Inbike does it again with the company’s great men’s mountain bike cycling gloves. This set is specifically designed to withstand the harsh rigors associated with mountain biking and stunt biking and does so just as advertised. Hearty gel cushioning and grips line the palms of this top set, while a breathable, easily cleaned, mesh fabric body feels like the perfect fabric composition with each and every use. These are really recommended for the spring and fall biker.

9. Cool Change Full-Finger Bike Gloves

Cool Change Full-Finger Men's Cycling Gloves

Cool change produces a great, affordable cycling glove for men and women alike in its Full-Finger Bike Gloves set. This set comes in eight, different style options, so virtually any style preferences can be met, and performs like a champ in all sorts of biking situations. Some of our favorite features to this set include substantial SBR padding in key locations, a trustworthy anti-slip and durable composition, fail-proof touchscreen operability, and overall great comfort and a stay-put fit.

10. Pearl Izumi Men’s Elite Gel Cycling Gloves

Pearl Izumi Men's Elite Gel Cycling Gloves

For the money, fingerless cycling gloves don’t get much better than this. Pearl Izumi’s men’s elite gel cycling gloves absolutely do not disappoint with their stay-put fit, excellent grip, generous gel-foam padding layers, and a fabric composition that is highly breathable, durable, and easily washed. Extra points also go to this glove’s overall versatility in a notably wide range of biking situations and environs.

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