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Top 10 Best Cycling Gloves for Women


By TVR Staff
November 2019

This article reviews the top 10 best cycling gloves for women available online.

When you start cycling, gloves are an important piece of gear. Your hands make contact with the bike handles for the duration of your ride, which means that they’re prone to raw spots and blisters. That’s where gloves come in — they protect your hands and prevent injuries when you’re out for a long ride. The right gloves for you depend on a variety of factors, including the weather, the length of your average ride, and your personal preferences. Temperature plays the most important role; summer gloves are very different than winter gloves. With the right pair, you can ride comfortably and protect your hands.

1. OZERO Winter Gloves

OZERO Winter Women's Cycling Gloves

When you’re riding in cold weather, warm gloves are a must — and that’s where these OZERO gloves come in. They’re made from deerskin suede leather and lined with polar fleece, so they keep your hands warm in temperatures down to -30 degrees Fahrenheit. The water-resistant material helps keep moisture and wind off of your hands, so you can ride comfortably even in the worst weather. Plus, since the wrists are flexible, it’s easy to grip the handlebars.

2. Winter Sunifier Gloves

Winter Sunifier Women's Cycling Gloves

Do you like low-profile gloves for cycling? If so, this pair from Sunifier is a good choice. They’re constructed with TPU, which is resistant to water and wind, but doesn’t add unnecessary bulk. The textured palms make it easy to maintain a firm grip on your handles, and the sturdy material protects your hands from the cold. When you need to stop and find directions or send a text, there’s no need to take off the gloves; the fingers are touchscreen compatible for easy operation.

3. OZERO Winter Warm Gloves

OZERO Winter Warm Women's Cycling Gloves

If you prefer a bit of flexibility in your riding gloves, this pair from OZERO is a good option. Each glove features a flip-up mitten top that you can wear closed for warmth. When your hands get warm, or if you need to use your phone, simply flip back the top to expose the tips of your fingers. Insulated with polar fleece and Thinsulate material, these gloves are warm enough to wear in a wide range of weather conditions.

4. MOREOK Shock-Absorbing Cycling Gloves

MOREOK Shock-Absorbing Women's Cycling Gloves

Keep your hands cool as you ride with the help of these cycling gloves from MOREOK. They’re made with a double layer of palm protection that shields your skin from the stresses of the road. That way, if you’re riding on a mountain bike trail or another rough path, your hands are protected from vibrations and shocks. The half-finger design enables an easy grip, and the breathable microfiber material helps keep your hands dry on hot days.

5. Cool Change Full Finger Bike Gloves

Cool Change Full Finger Women's Cycling Gloves

Manage rough rides with these Cool Change bike gloves. Their full-finger design keeps your skin fully covered for warmth, comfort, and an excellent grip. We love the four-way stretch fabric, which enables you to maneuver easily and without restriction. On the palms, the padded sections offer shock protection; you’ll also find touchscreen-compatible tips on the index finger. Choose from a variety of colors to match your riding gear.

6. Giro DND Gloves

Giro DND Women's Cycling Gloves

Slim and flexible, these Giro DND gloves keep you warm without sacrificing your control over your bike. The magic is in the material — the stretchy microfiber and mesh enable your hands to move naturally. The knuckle zones offer extra flex for comfort. On the palms, a layer of suede microfiber helps prevent blisters. With a range of available colors, it’s a breeze to find a pair that suits your style.

7. Pearl iZUMi Ride Thermal Lite Glove

Pearl iZUMi Ride Thermal Lite Women's Cycling Gloves

Looking for the perfect balance between warmth and comfort? These Pearl iZUMi Ride gloves fit the bill. Made from a polyester-polyamide blend fabric, they insulate your hands in cool weather. The super-soft material feels gentle on your hands, and the textured surfaces help you maintain an easy grip as you ride. We love the machine-washable design, which is convenient to clean.

8. CFTech Cycling Gloves

CFTech Women's Cycling Gloves

When you’re in the market for affordable cycling gloves, this pair from CFTech is a good option. The fun starts with the textured palms, which allow a firm grip on the handlebars in any weather. The Ice Silk material is designed to keep your hands warm without adding unnecessary bulk, and the contrasting thumb and index fingertips enable you to text or use your phone when you’re on a break.

9. LuxoBike Cycling Gloves

LuxoBike Women's Cycling Gloves

Planning to ride singletrack? These LuxoBike gloves can help you stay comfortable and in control. It starts with the anti-slip pads on the palms, which are designed to help you hold on to the handles as you take sharp turns and steep drops. The reinforced design reduces vibrations to protect your muscles, and the full-finger design ensures warmth. On the back of the hands, breathable panels help prevent sweat buildup for all-day riding.

10. Pearl Izumi Women’s Select Glove

Pearl Izumi Women's Select Cycling Gloves

When you’re preparing to do intense riding, these Select gloves from Pearl Izumi have your back. Each one is padded with gel foam; the foam goes a long way toward absorbing vibrations and shocks, so your hands stay fresh. The fingers are open to keep your hands cool. We love the leather palms, which allow a flexible, firm grip.

A great pair of cycling gloves can take your bike rides from good to great. By choosing from the best options on the market, you can stay comfortable and blister-free, even on long training rides.

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