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Top 10 Best Cycling Jerseys for Women


By TVR Staff
December 2019

This article reviews the top 10 best cycling jerseys for women available online.

When a woman bikes for a long time at a medium to fast rate of speed, she generates a lot of heat. A woman is also likely to sweat a considerable amount while bicycling for an extended period of time. In order to maintain comfort in terms of temperature and dryness, a cycling jersey is key. Cycling jerseys for women also make it easy to coordinate apparel with a team during a bicycle race or a long bike ride for charity. Each of these top cycling jerseys for women is designed with the female body shape in mind.

1. Weimo Women’s Cycling Jersey

Weimo Women's Cycling Jersey

This form-fitting cycling jersey for women features 100 percent polyester mesh construction. The breathable mesh allows body heat to dissipate and sweat to evaporate. Moisture-wicking properties keep the wearer dry and comfortable. The quick-dry fabric can be laundered in a washing machine and machine- or air-dried. Anti-UV fibers protect the wearer from sunburn. Reflective strips enhance the safety of the wearer. There are three pockets for storage of keys, a smartphone, wallet, credit card or cash.

2. Mysenlan Women’s Cycling Long Sleeve Jersey Set

Mysenlan Women's Cycling Jersey Long Sleeve Set

This women’s cycling jersey set features a long-sleeve top and ankle-length pants. Quick-dry mesh wicks away moisture and allows body heat to be released. The skin-friendly materials do not contain allergens or rough seams. Three rear pockets provide storage space for a wallet, keys or smartphone. The zipper closure makes the top easy to get on and take off. Padding around the seat, shoulders and elbows enhances comfort and provides protection from scrapes and scratches.

3. Beroy Women’s Cycling Jersey

Beroy Women's Cycling Jersey

The Beroy women’s cycling jersey tops are available in short- or long-sleeve styles. They feature a 100 percent polyester grid mesh construction. The cuffs have a non-slip surface and serged hem for strength. A full, invisible zipper offers ease of getting dressed. A longer hem in the back provides extra coverage. Reflective tape enhances the wearer’s safety. There are three pockets in the back for storing small essentials.

4. Uriah Women’s Cycling Jersey

Uriah Women's Cycling Jersey

The Uriah women’s cycling jersey is a short-sleeve garment with a full-length zipper. It is made from 100 percent polyester mesh. The fabric is treated with anti-UV chemicals, so it offers protection against sunburns. The mesh allows heat to dissipate from the body, and it also wicks away moisture. It dries quickly, so it can be washed in the evening and worn again the next morning for multi-day bicycling events. The designs do not fade even after extended periods of direct sun exposure. Reflective strips increase visibility on the back. Three pockets provide storage.

5. Weimostar Women’s Cycling Jersey

Weimostar Women's Cycling Jersey

This long-sleeve women’s cycling jersey by Weimostar is made from 100 percent polyester. It wicks away moisture, and if it is soaking wet, it will not stick to the skin. The silicone band around the hem prevents itching and chafing. Three pockets on the back offer storage for small items. A full-length zipper with a self-locking function offers convenience. On the back, a reflective strip keeps the wearer safe while riding at night or in other low-visibility situations.

6. Santic Women’s Cycling Jersey

Santic Women's Cycling Jersey

With a full-length zipper, this cycling jersey for women by Santic is easy to put on and take off, even if the wearer is sweaty. The short sleeves offer comfort and a double-stitched hem. Dry-Fit perspiration technology allows sweat to evaporate, resulting in comfort during long cycling rides. The 100 percent polyester fabric is treated in order to stop the penetration of UVA and UVB rays. The ventilated fabric also allows body heat to move away from the body, which reduces the risk of overheating during extended periods of activity.

7. Zerobike Women’s Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey Jacket

Zerobike Short Sleeve Women's Cycling Jersey

This Zerobike women’s cycling jersey is designed for mountain biking and endurance events. It comes with a short-sleeve jacket and biking shorts that reach to the mid-thigh. Made of 85 percent polyamide and 15 percent Lycra, they offer strength and flexibility. Three pockets on the back of the jersey make it easy to carry small items while keeping the hands free. Two direct-vent panels and a full-length zipper provide plenty of airflow for the dissipation of body heat. The cotton crotch panel also promotes air circulation.

8. Santic Cycling Jersey for Women

Santic Women's Cycling Jersey

This is professional-grade cycling jersey for women. It features long, fitted sleeves with a double-stitched hem. The breathable and inelastic fabric allows heat and moisture to move away from the body during any type of cycling event. The soft, lightweight fabric is designed to fit an hourglass shape. Three rear pockets make it easy to store small items. A higher than usual collar offers additional protection against sunburn. At the hem, an elastic strap prevents the jersey from riding up when the wearer is engaged in physical activity.

9. Aipeilai Women’s Cycle Jersey Set

Aipeilai Women's Cycle Jersey Set

This set of women’s cycling clothes includes a long-sleeve jersey and full-length pants. It is ideal for wearing during moderate to cold weather in the autumn or winter. A zipper closure on the jacket makes it easy to put on and take off, even if the wearer is freshly showered or sweaty. Three pockets on the rear offer a place to conveniently store small items.

10. Nine Bull Cycling Jersey Set

Nine Bull Women's Cycling Jersey Set

A short-sleeved jacket and shorts comprise this women’s cycling set by Nine Bull. The garments are made from 100 percent polyester. A full-length zipper on the jacket makes it easy to put on and remove. The moisture-wicking and breathable fabric make this set ideal for long rides or hot days.

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