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Top 10 Best Selling Women’s Cheap Winter Boots 2017


It’s coming up on that time of year again. The temperatures are slowly dropping, the days are getting progressively shorter, and we all know that those colder times of year are upon us. This is that perfect time for the ladies to take a look at that wardrobe and decide what preparations must be made for the coming months.

Among the tops and bottoms and accessories in-between, footware is certainly an important area not to be overlooked. If you now find yourself needing to get a few, extra pairs of boots or winter shoes, there’s good news in store for you. Not only is the market full of affordable yet stylish, ladies boots, but we also come with a list of this season’s best-sellers in this exact market. In helping to make your ladies boots selections just a little bit simpler, we give you the best-selling yet affordable, winter boots for ladies.

1. Colombia Ice Maiden II


Colombia is a company known for its stylish yet affordable winterwear. The Ice Maiden II line is a great part of that same company tradition. Slip these on and enjoy a secure and warm experience. The Ice Maidens are waterproof, incorporate a heavy rubber sole, and offer a sense of great style with their hip use of this ideal marriage in leather and fabric.

2. Polar Women’s Snow Boots


As their name suggests, Polar is a trusty maker of goods that are made for being out in the elements. In this best-selling model of the company’s snow boot line, a calendered rubber sole and waterproof, durable shell provide a perfect place for feet to stay warm and dry in the worst conditions. This reliable yet affordable choice comes in a wide range of color schemes but always features the eye-catching, metal lace hoops in every pair.

3. Susanny Platform Sneaker Shoes


For those outings that don’t necessarily require hiking through slush and snow piles, Susanny Platform Sneaker Shoes are a favorite choice. The standard yet chic, high-ankle design keeps your feet just right without climbing up the leg. These also feature anti-skid traction and faux wool lining for great safety and comfort.

4. Eva-21 Eskimo Boots

Lightweight comfort is the loud and clear theme of the Eskimo Boots lineup from Eva-21. These boots are extremely light and casual. Wear them around the house or out for those quick runs to the store. Coming in five different color choices, these Eskimos are a best-seller because of their mid-calf comfort and affordable price points.

5. Winter Fur Snow Boots


These snow boots are a great choice for those just wanting a cute yet not overly zealous winter shoe. Coming just up the ankle, these snow boots are made from quality materials and offer the convenience of slip-on lace-ups. A 1-inch heel height, durable soles, and waterproof body make this a great choice for the mild to moderate winter and its unfettered wanderers.

6. Twin Button Winter Snow Boots


Here we have a style quite reminiscent of the extremely popular Uggs. This choice in best-selling winter boots this season provides an Uggs-like style crowned with chic buttons on the side for that signature styling effect. Faux fur trim and linings, a durable, synthetic sole, and flexible warmth make this one a top choice among the ladies.

7. Clpp’li Waterproof Winter Snow Boots


Comfort at an affordable price point is the exact selling strength behind the Clpp’li Snow Boots line. A deep tread and durable soles adorn this warm, waterproof choice of the winter wanderer. They are also fully fur-lined internally for that ultimate, fuzzy, cushy warmth we all want. Four color choices and five sizes offer sizing and style that are sure to fit your foot and fancy.

8. Gaorui Faux Fur Tassel Shoes


Although this best-seller is not necessarily designed for the harshest of winter conditions, it is however the most versatile in styling options. This is because of 14, alternating styles, each completely different from the next and as eye-catching as ever. Enjoy a boot look with a feather-top adornment in one design while another sports a modern, colorful scheme and LED-lit soles. In addition to the great variety of styles here, these shoes are crafted so as to hold-up in most light to moderate winter conditions.

9. Triplet Bow Rain and Snow Boots


The Triplet Bow Rain and Snow Boots are a great choice in winter footwear because of their perfect mix in high-rise warmth and style. First, the style of these score high on the cuteness scales with a simple, plain-face front and a chic, triple-ribbon securing system in the back. Next, ultimate warmth and safety are yours due to its bottom traction patterns, waterproof body, and fully fur-lined inside. These are a true win-win in all aspects.

10. Polar Winter Snow and Rain Boots


For the second time, Polar makes it on our list of best-sellers and for good reason. The company’s snow and rain line is an assertive and rugged yet entirely affordable choice in women’s winter footwear. Construction aspects of these include the use of waterproof materials, a heavy-duty sole and tread, and a comfortable, warm inside that shows assertion and determination in its outside styling. Nothing says “let’s get it done” better than these best-sellers by Polar.

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