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Top 10 Best Selling Women’s Mountaineering Boots 2017


Mountaineering, mountain climbing, alpinism – these are all words to describe the unparalleled sport of climbing mountains. A feat in personal endurance of the mind and body, this hobby is one of great potential value and personal benefit. Years ago however, such talk was restricted to men only.

Now, women in mountain climbing are just as common as men. With entire lines of gear, equipment, and even sponsorship aimed at women in the sport, every woman caring to can take up this adventurous pastime. This is with the best gear possible, a relatively new arena for women.

Speaking of such gear, what is possibly some of the most important gear of the mountaineering woman? It is likely that the answer here is quality mountaineering boots. Without these, the climbing mission would almost certainly be impossible. To help get you mountaineering ladies ready this season, here we look to the top ten best-selling women’s mountaineering boots right now. Let’s begin ascending the list.

1. Merrell Jungle Moc Mountaineering Boots


This best-seller by Merrell is a great choice for lady mountaineers for several reasons. Its air cushion inside along with breathable mesh provide for outstanding comfort on long trips. Odor control technology also helps when sweat and dirt intrude. In addition, the sole of this pair has a deep grip, and wrap-around rubber that even helps the climber to grip on the sides or toe of the foot.

2. Salewa Raven 2


Salewa brings us this top choice in the realm of high-rise mountaineering boots for ladies. Offering maximum ankle protection, the Raven 2 line provides a 6.5-inch shaft height. A super tough, Vibram sole and outer body make this one great for the very worst of climbing conditions. All black with either vibrant green or pink laces are the color choices of these boots.

3. Scarpa Fuego


Scarpa is a name that is well known in this industry for amazing products that can last a lifetime. The company’s Fuego line of lady mountaineering boots is exemplary of just those qualities. Very high quality soles, bodies, and leather materials are put into this model. Double tongues and an expertly engineered interior also provide the ultimate comfort on any climb.

4. Salewa Crow


Hitting our list of the current season’s best-sellers again is Salewa with its colorful and very popular Crow model of lady mountaineering boots. This model features a 5.5-inch shaft rise, an extra durable, leather and textile body, and a sole that is built for the distance. Inside, climbers’ feet stay quite content with strong arch and ankle supports as well as the company’s revolutionary 3F comfort system.

5. Scarpa Wrangell


Wrangells form an integral part of Scarpa’s specialty fleet of high-end, best-selling mountaineer boots for women. This line features a luxe design composed of quality leather, fabrics, and rubbers. Gore-Tex weatherproofing and comfortable uppers ensure comfort while Vibram soles and deep traction patterns assure the best in safety through traction control. This model comes in a stylish, bronze and black combination.

6. Scarpa Mont Blanc


Kiwi and black make-up the color patterns for this stylish yet rugged climbing boot by Scarpa. Sparing no expense in the making of this boot, Scarpa included a Vibram sole, high-end suede and other composite materials, advanced rear randing for security, and a shock-absorbing bottom. Although these will carry the hiker through the most perilous of journeys, they are also the lightest in weight compared to others in their same class.

7. Salomon X-Alp Pro Mountaineering Boots


Those looking for that sleek, more futuristic look are best served by the best-selling X-Alp Pros by Salomon. These sleek, gray and black climbers provide top notch comfort and climbing prowess all at once. On the inside, these boots feature industry-leading cushioning, arch supports and anti-rub materials. On the outside, extreme sole tread, mudguards, toe wrap, and waterproof cordura and leather compose this high-ankle wonder.

8. Kayland Unisex Hyper Traction Mountaineering Boot


Next on the list is the Kayland Unisex Hyper Traction Mountaineering Boot. This suede boot is noted for its Vibram Teton outsole, for that extra support needed during your hikes. The eVent waterproof liner lets the sweat out, while keeping our feet dry. The primaloft interior is guaranteed to keep your feet warm when needed. This boot is sure to keep your feet warm and dry when you need it the most.

9. Asolo Mustang GV Mountaineering Boots


Mountain climbing is stylish and comfortable with Asolo’s Mustang GV line for ladies. A lug sole and waterproof materials provide this stylish, golden palm-colored shell with trail-worthy specs. Gore-Tex lining and comfortable suede uppers also cover your comfort while an anatomic footbed prevents distance strain and cramping.

10. La Sportiva Nepal Cube


La Sportiva is the final entry on our best-selling list and brings us the most formidable mountaineering boot in the high-selling arena. The Nepal Cube is a line that beckons for the harshest of treks. A thick, waterproof, protective body wraps the hiker’s foot while an extremely well designed support and cushioning system hold the foot perfectly. At only 25.2 ounces, this beasty set is quite lightweight when all things are considered.

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