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Top 10 Best Selling Women’s Rock Climbing Shoes 2017


Just about all outdoor sports and hobbies are easy to appreciate. The fresh air, nature, wildlife, and freedom of movement are a necessity to all of our well-being. In seeking these perks and a little extra flair for adventure, it is probably safe to say that rock climbers are the exemplary outdoors person.

Lady rock climbers, their sport, and their gear account for a huge slice of this product market. If you consider yourself included here, then read on. We’re going to highlight the best in a certain kind of lady rock climber gear that is imperative yet sometimes overlooked: rock climbing shoes. These 10 picks represent 2016 and 2017’s best-selling rock climbing shoes for women. .

1. La Sportiva Tarantulace Climbing Shoes


La Sportiva is a name synonymous with trustworthy, specialty outdoor gear. Their Tarantulace rock climbing shoes are a perfect symbol of this tradition. With just the right bottom flexibility, rigidity, and grip, the climber can use their natural foot motions in conjunction with these climbers so as to get just the right toeholds with regular ease. This edition is made specifically for beginner climbers and comes in a stylish turquoise and black color scheme.

2. Evolv Axiom


If the number of best-sellers a company has at one time is any indicator of their success in quality product, Evolv is proving itself a very likely top maker of women’s climbing shoes. Their Axiom climbers are an excellent choice, typical of Evolv quality. In this model, arch and heel support combine with a tongue-lock system, achieving that perfect fit. Axioms come in a stylish deep blue and electric green layout with 14 sizes to choose from.

3. Scarpa Origin Climbing Shoes


The Scarpa Origin series are rated as possibly the most comfortable rock climbing shoes of our entire list. These 100% suede, rubber-soled imports are great for beginning, intermediate, and expert climbers alike. Scarpa’s proprietary vision rubber and passive randing make for an even better fit and performance each and every time they are used. Add this to their lightweight build, and you’ve got an immediate best-seller.

4. Evolv Elektra


Elektras are Evolv’s next-gen, asymmetrical climbers. Coming in a stylish, aqua-blue and black design, these shoes feature a high friction rubber sole that provides superior, long-lasting grip, and a specially designed VTR rand that allows for supreme agility and appropriately supported motion. They are also fully synthetic with nylon linings and Synthratek uppers. If these don’t get you ready for the climb, nothing will.

5. Scarpa Helix


The Helix edition are another fantastic best-seller by Scarpa. Coming in 14 sizes and a subtle yet tasteful pewter and plumb color scheme, Helix Climbers are known for their comfort and longevity. Rock after rock, mountain after mountain, these lady climbers are the only pair needed for the journey, no matter the grade or terrain type. Superior cushioning, support, and bottom grip await.

6. Evolv Shaman


Shamans are perhaps Evolv’s most advanced offering yet in the way of specialty climbers for women. With this set’s built-up, rubberized toe, adjustable strapping, and innovative side design, the most expert of climbers can toe-hook and toe-scum the most perilous of crags. The microfiber build and redesigned fit of the Helix climbers also make them a top choice due to outstanding comfort and proper foot conformity. Tear up the trail in bright blue and orange, and forget about strapping and grip problems of the past.

7. Evolv Addict


Those addicted to the rock climbing sport are well advise to check out Evolv’s Addict climbers. This stunningly bright yellow and black climber is not for the feeble climber. Wearers enjoy the pinnacles of comfort with a built-in, synthetic heel cushion, asymmetrical toe profiling, 4-piece randing, and a strong yet extremely comfortable arch band. Superior grip and just the right pliability in its sole also make the Addict a formidable choice for any lady climber.

8. La Sportiva Finale


At the intersection of comfort, traction and durability, you will surely find La Sportiva’s Finale edition of lady climbers. In a stylish grey and coral design and a large range of size options, Finales are just right in all the right places. Unlined leather uppers provide a no-rub custom fit. A tensioned heel rand and powerhinge provide the perfect combination of torque, tension, and elasticity. In addition, Finales are a lightweight solution to those especially long hikes.

9. La Sportiva Miura Climbing Shoes


Yet again, La Sportiva provides us with another best-seller in the way of the Miura line of ladies climbers. Miuras offer a stylish exterior with a rugged build perfect for any trail. On the inside, the perfect randing, synthetic lining, cushioning, and speedy lace-up system make this a clearly understood, top choice in the climbing world right now.

10. Climb X


The final spot in our list of 2016-2017 rock climbing shoes goes to Climb X and their climber, Technician. Technicians feature an intuitive exterior design with strategically placed rubber grips for excellence in toe and heel holds. Flexibility, shell durability, and sole pliability are also winners here. On the inside, climbers can expect plenty of comfort and support with a comfortable upper, liner and step supports.

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