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Top 10 Best Selling Women’s Winter Boots 2017


Don’t let winter blues get you down. Amazon’s top-selling winter boots for women combine style and warmth. Let retail therapy cheer you up as you choose between classic UGG and UGG-inspired fur-lined boots, down-to-business anti-slip and waterproof work boots and shoes with unique features like LED soles. You can also browse ankle boots, mid-calf winter boots and roll-down boots that can switch between both styles. Whether you need to protect your feet from sub-zero temperatures or just want to look good when the first snow hits the ground, you can find the perfect blend of winter technology and the latest fashions with this list.

1. UGG Australia Women’s Bailey Button


UGG brand boots continue to dominate the market for women’s winter shoes by combining style and warmth. The branded wood button lets you roll down the side of the boot for a low-cut look, or you can leave it unbuttoned for a classic mid-calf height. The inside of the boot is lined with genuine sheepskin to keep your feet warm all winter long.

2. Columbia Women’s Ice Maiden II Winter Boot


This boot is for serious winter weather. They’re waterproof to keep snow and slush out and insulated for up to -25 degree Fahrenheit weather to keep cold out. The outer sole comes with advanced traction technology to keep you on your foot even in slippery conditions. With synthetic fur trim and a lace-up style to keep you stylish, these are boots to wear with any outfit all winter long. Columbia has created a great shoe for winter sports, commutes and cold weather work outdoors.

3. Polar Women’s Fur-Lined Mid-Calf Waterproof Snow Boot


These mid-calf boots provide serious protection from winter cold. The fur lining extends from the top of the boot to the top of your foot to keep your legs toasty while the synthetic outer layer repels water. Because of this waterproof outer layer, you can use these fur-lined winter boots for heavy rainfall as well as snow.

4. Susanny Suede Flat Platform Sneaker Shoes Plus Velvet Winter Women’s Lace Up Cotton Snow Boots

These cute ankle boots combine winter technology with high fashion. Their cruelty-free artificial wool lining provides warmth and a contrasting color visible at the top of the boot. The short heel adds a small amount of height without compromising your balance, and the anti-skid sole will help you stay upright even if you run into an ice patch.

5. Room of Fashion Eva-21 Women’s Shearling Lined Soft Fur Eskimo Boots Inspired by Emma


Eskimo-style boots can be worn rolled down to highlight the soft faux fur lining or unfolded for maximum warmth. Either way you choose to wear these stylish boots, Room of Fashion has provided a classic shape and cute color palette to pair beautifully with winter leggings, jeans or a more feminine skirt plus tights look.

6. NOT Winter Fur Snow Boots Warm Sneakers for Women


These menswear-inspired winter boots provide a splash of masculine styling to your cold weather wardrobe. Their thick rubber soles add height and stability, while their artificial wool lining feels like you’re sliding your feet into a pair of house slippers. For a soft lining and a hard exterior look, NOT’s snow boots are the perfect fit. The lace-up closure ensures a snug fit, and you can customize your look by swapping out the default boot laces to add contrasting color.

7. Women’s Twin Button Fully Fur-Lined Waterproof Winter Snow Boots


Holly’s UGG look-a-like winter boots are made entirely with synthetic materials, making them the perfect choice for vegans or eco-conscious consumers. Their two-button design, diverse color choices and intricate stitching details make these the perfect winter boot for anyone looking for a classic design at an affordable price. You can be stylish without compromising your beliefs or your warmth.

8. UGG Women’s Classic Mini Boot


Authentic UGG boots are high-quality, durable and comfortable. The sheepskin lining provides comfort and warmth for your entire foot, and the loose outer structure is flexible enough to move in but supportive enough for working outside. You can choose fun, bold colors like bright pink or deep red or stick with a classic shade of brown or black. With UGG’s long-term reputation behind these boots, you know you’re buying a quality pair.

9. Clpp’li Women’s Twin Button Fully Fur-Lined Waterproof Winter Snow Boots


These lined boots offer mid-calf coverage to keep your bottom extremities warm in any weather. The thick faux fur lining and man-made exterior provide a solid shape that will draw compliments wherever you wear these snow boots. Twin button detailing and a rubber sole that’s coordinated with the boot’s outer material add extra style. Plus, these waterproof boots are perfect for walking through snowy yards and parking lots.

10. LED Women’s Warm Long Tassel Rabbit Fur Ankle Boots


These unique boots are perfect for hitting the dance floor, being the life of the party or braving the long, dark nights of winter. The top half of the boots are a traditional, fur-lined ankle boot, but the sole stands out with LED lights. Other styles from Gaorui include a 16-cm tassel accent that spills over the top of the boot. Regardless of the style you choose, you’re sure to capture attention with these stylish boots.

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